Monday, January 26, 2015


A&D's new maxi-single: "Another Sky" will be released on March 4, 2015, in two types.

1. Another Sky
3. ビジュ★ラバ
4. Another Sky (instrumental)
1. Another Sky - Music Video

1. Another Sky
2. Shinkirou (蜃気楼)
3. Under World (Remix)
4. Another Sky (instrumental)
1. Under World - Music Video) 

Source:edohsama blog

Paranoid≠circuS New Look


Saturday, January 24, 2015

KAMIJO - World Tour 2015 Dates Added

KAMIJO has recently announced the dates for his shows in the Americas! Check them out below:

South America 
May 23 in Sao Paulo, Brasil @ Clash Club
May 24 in Santiago, Chile @ Blondie Club
May 27 in Buenos Aires, Argentina @ Groove
May 29 in Bogota, Colombia @ Ozzy

North America
May 31 in Mexico, Mexico @ Sala
June 4 in Los Angeles, USA @ Beyond the Stars 
June 6 in New York, USA @ Highline Ballroom



Tokami - New MV & Live DVD "Immortality and order"

Excellent news for fans of Tokami! The band has just announced that they will be releasing a new limited edition DVD that will only be available at their live performances and through mail order. The DVD, titled "Haitoku to Chitsujo" (Immortality and order) includes footage from their concert at Ikebukuro CYBER last December 17th, and also the MV for their song "Sayonara no hate ni ame wa orite," from their recent single "Luminescence." 

The DVD is slated for release on January 30th, and will be first available at Tokami's live event at Ikebukuro RUIDO K3. Check out the details below, as well as the different covers!

live venue jacket

mail-order jacket

 "Immortality and order" (SWTKD-3)
Running time: 50 minutes
1. Sayonara no hate ni ame wa orite (MV)
2. Yuutsu naru futashika na ashita, bishou no saki ni tsuita uso
3. Dictator
4. vendetta
5. Addicted Lover
6. Sayonara no hate ni ame wa orite
7. Luminescence
8. Cliff Edge
9. Crisis In The Future
10. Crimson Sky

Fans have until March 23rd to order the DVD from the Starwave Records web shop, but act quickly, as there are only 100 copies available!


Friday, January 23, 2015

The 3rd Birthday - New Single "I am.."

The 3rd Birthday will be releasing a new single titled "I am..." on March 11th in four editions: Type A, B, C and D. Type A (1620 yen) will include CD+DVD featuring the PV for "I am..." while Type B (L ver.), Type C (Yu-chi-) and Type D (Tomoya ver.) will include just the CD and cost 540 yen each.

The tracklist hasn't been released yet but we will keep you updated.


Yeti - Guitarist Yukihisa to leave

Sad news for fans of the band Yeti, who have just announced that following their upcoming live on February 23rd, guitarist Yukihisa Aramaki, will leave. According to an official statement, Yukihisa is withdrawing from the band to pursue his own path:

At this time, I have decided to leave Yeti. As we've come upon our 2nd anniversary and finished a one-man tour, everyone has been looking forward to what Yeti has in store for the future, and yet I make this announcement. For that, I am truly sorry. From the band's inception two years ago up until now, I've been going at it nonstop, wholeheartedly, and I've seen a lot.  However, as I started thinking of the future, and wanting to do things for myself, I have chosen this path of withdrawal. Of course, I still love music, I still love playing guitar, and I still love Yeti. Those feelings will never change. I only have a little bit of time left with Yeti, and I will continue to give it my all until the very end, along with you. I will cherish every moment, and have no regrets. Regards, and thank you until the very end. ~Yeti guitarist, Yukihisa Aramaki 

Despite this setback, Yeti will continue as a three-piece band compromised of vocalist Satoshi Suzuki, bassist Bikkey, and drummer Naoki Tamura. They will employ support guitarists for future performances. Yukihisa's final performance with the band will be held on February 23rd at the Shimokitazawa MOSAiC, and the show is titled "New Life." Tickets go on presale on February 8th for 3,100yen and are 3,600yen the day of the performance. They are available for purchase through ePlus. The entire band thanks everyone for their continued support, and they will update their fans on their next course of action soon.


MATENROU OPERA - New Single "ether" Announced

MATENROU OPERA announced the title and tracklist of their upcoming single ether! This is the band's first release in 2015. The main song is the theme to "Shinrei Shashin Bu," a movie whose soundtrack Ayame supervises.
ether will be released on April 8th and will cost ¥1,111. Following its release, the band will go on a nationwide tour entitled The Fifth Element TOUR. More information on the tour can be found here.

ether (¥1,111)
1. ether
2. Round & Round
3. 蟻の行進


Kiryu New Look



The Gremlins have announced that their first full album, Mad Theater, is to come out just next month on February 18th. The CD will have 13 tracks and two editions. Type A is available for 2,100 yen and will include the music video previewed above on DVD. The other option, Type B costs 1,890 yen and will have an extra track, a cover song originally by hide. Unfortunately though, the tracklist is not available at this time.

Source:edohsama blog & RAI

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

ONE OK ROCK Announces Japan Tour for Album Release

ONE OK ROCK Announces Japan Tour for Album Release
ONE OK ROCK has just announced a nationwide tour in commemoration of the release of their upcoming album, "35xxxv".

The tour starts on the 9th of May at the Ecopa Arena, Shizuoka and ends on the 12th of July as the Saitama Super Arena. According to the official announcement, there will also be support guests in the shows. If you're in Japan at the dates listed above, be sure to catch the boys live in action!

The album titled "35XXXV" will be released on the 11th of February, 2015. The album is completely recorded in the US and the limited edition album will include a bonus DVD of their acoustic session "Studio Jam session Vol.2".

The album will also feature Kellin from American band, Sleeping with Sirens in one of the tracks, "Paper Planes".


[Single]KAT-TUN - Dead or Alive(2015.01.21)

1. Dead or Alive
3. You are DELICIOUS!
4. Dead or Alive (オリジナル・カラオケ)
5. WHITE LOVERS (オリジナル・カラオケ)
6. You are DELICIOUS! (オリジナル・カラオケ)


[Album]TЁЯRA - ЁVOLUTIФN(07/09/2011) [reuploaded]


1. 华烂漫 -Flowers-
2. Fantasia
3. 镜花水月楼 (TЁЯRA Version)
5. masquerade
7. 桃花恋情
8. Parasite World
9. 零 – ZERO -
10. LETHEBOLG ~双神威に斩り咲けり~
12. DoLL ~Ballad Side~

1. 序曲
2. 华烂漫 -Flowers-
3. THIS NIGHT (Short Version)
4. Fantasia
7. REMINISCENCE//003 -destiny-
8. DoLL
9. CROSSROAD ~Right Story~
11. Parasite World
12. 零 – ZERO -
13. 桃花恋情
14. SUNKiSSハートDROP ~jun Side~
15. REMINISCENCE//002 -life-
16. LETHEBOLG ~双神威に斩り咲けり~
17. masquerade


1. ~The First Cry~
3. Silverwalker
4. King Boy & Queen Girl
5. Alice
6. ~The Last Word~
7. Human VS.Creature 



On February 18, Sel'm will release what they have labeled an "experiment CD" titled Scarlet of the Guilty. So far, no explanation has been offered for why it is an "experiment". I speculate that it has something to do with Sel'm now being a four-person band, since guitarist John departed last year. The price is 1350 yen.

01. clying wolf
02. Gengar
03. Red

The band is also holding a one-man live in honor of their llth Anniversary on April 18th. The name of this performance is "Anthology".

Source:edohsama blog

Introducing: GAGA

GAGA started their activities recently, it seems their faces are unknown right now, giving a hint of mystery about the band and their potential look. However, you might be able to recall their faces from previous bands. Below are the members and their positions:

Vo: 十 (tohka)

Gt: 汐莉(shiori) ex. ISK;M, 麗麗 as support

Ba: 稀葵 (keso) ex. GRIND, MaveRick, EAT YOU ALIVE

Ds. 理緒(rio) ex. T@Planet

The band will be releasing their debut maxi-single called Koukotsu no Hana (恍惚の花 -コウコツノハナ-). It will cost 1500 yen for the live-limited edition and 1200 yen for the limited edition. Both editions will come with 3 tracks. However, both editions will have different jacket covers and release dates. Below are the track-listings and artwork:

Koukotsu no Hana Live-Limited Edition
Release: March 6, 2015
01. 恍惚の花-コウコツノハナ-
02. Death Parade
03. Sky
[Included] GAGA card #000

Koukotsu no Hana Limited Edition
Release: February 25, 2015
01. 恍惚の花-コウコツノハナ-
02. Death Parade
03. Sky
[Included] GAGA card #001

In addition, GAGA will be holding their first live on March 6, 2015 at NAGOYA HOLIDAY NEXT, followed by 5 more lives between March and April.

Below, you can hear a preview of the band's sound from their trailer:


Codomo Dragon - New Maxi-Single "WARUAGAKI"

Codomo Dragon announced that they will be releasing their 8th maxi-single called WARUAGAKI (ワルアガキ). The single is set to be released on March 18th, 2015 and will come in 4 different types.

The limited edition type A will come with a CD containing 2 songs and DVD containing the single's PV and the making-of. It will cost 1800 yen. The The limited edition type B will come with a CD with 2 songs and a DVD with a multi-angle PV of "WARUAGAKI". It will also cost 1800 yen.

The regular edition C and D type will both come with 1 CD with 6 tracks in total, 3 of which are instrumentals of the tracks. They both will cost 1500 yen. All 4 types will contain 2 sheets of trading cards and a pamphlet of their 5th oneman tour, "WARUAGAKI"

Below are the tentative track-listings for each edition:

WARUAGAKI Limited Edition Type A
2. TBA track A
2. Making-of
[Included] bonus application ticket "A" + applicants postcard

WARUAGAKI Limited Edition Type B
2. TBA track A
1. WARUAGAKI multi-angle PV
[Included] bonus application ticket "B"

WARUAGAKI Regular Edition Type C
2. TBA track A 
3. TBA track B
4. WARUAGAKI -instrumental-
5. TBA track A -instrumental.-
6. TBA track B -instrumental.-
[Included] bonus application ticket "C"

WARUAGAKI Regular Edition Type D
2. TBA track A 
3. TBA track C
4. WARUAGAKI-instrumental-
5. TBA track A -instrumental.-
6. TBA track C -instrumental-
[Included] bonus application ticket "D"

In addition, Codomo Dragon will be holding in-store events for the single starting March 18 to April 26. Stores and specific dates can be found here.


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sick² New Look


VELVET EDEN - New Mini Album "Blanc et Noir" + album digest

VELVET EDEN will release a new mini album titled Blanc et Noir on March 25th. It will cost 2500 yen, come with a 12 page booklet and only limited to 1000 copies. You may now pre-order the album on CDJapan.

2.Toxic queen
3.Jailed prince
4. Misery
6.Goodbye Alice


[Album] Misaruka - the Butterfly Effect- ~In the Romeo & Juliet~ (14.01.2014)

1- World of 13th
2- Juliet
3- Rogation
4- Jailer of Justice
5- Zakuro 
6- Rasen
7- World's End
8- My Dear Rose
9- Last Scene
10- The Butterfly Effect-

credits to numetal

Monday, January 19, 2015

CLØWD to Release First Mini Album

CLØWD to Release First Mini Album
CLØWD consists of ex-members of velbet, the Sherry, R'evolv and L&DS. Now the band has announced to release its first mini album.

The album is titled "fiction Ø" (フィクションØ) and will drop on April 8th. The Limited Edition of the album costs 2800 Yen and includes 5 songs as well as comes with a DVD and the Regular Edition costs 2160 Yen and is CD-only featuring 6 songs.

Furthermore, for everyone who wasn't able to go to their live two weeks ago and didn't get their hands on CLØWD's first live-limited CD "WAKE UP" there's another chance for you: The 2nd press will be released through Like an Edison on February 2nd and costs 1000 Yen.



Arlequin has just announced their 4th single titled "Dilemma ( ジレンマ)", and it will arrive on February 25! Options for the single include Type A, a two-disc set for 1944yen, or Type B, which is CD only for 1620yen. The track lists for each type goes like this:

Type A:
1. Dilemma (ジレンマ)
2. imp
1. Dilemma (ジレンマ)

Type B:
1. Dilemma (ジレンマ)
2. imp
3. Shiroi Utsu (白い鬱)

Arlequin has also released information regarding its first one-man tour, which will start on June 6 and be concluded on August 9, at Shibuya Public Hall. e-plus pre-order tickets for the tour final will be available through a lottery, applications may be placed anytime between February 28 and March 13. Beginning on March 14, you'll be able to pre-order tickets through the band's homepage. General sales start on March 28.

Arlequin 1st ONE-MAN TOUR "Anti-hero"『アンチヒーロー』
2015/06/06 (Sat) Kanazawa AZ
2015/06/07 (Sun) Niigata GOLDEN PIGS BLACK STAGE
2015/06/14 (Sun) Sendai HooK
2015/06/19 (Fri) Okayama Crazy MAMA 2nd Room
2015/06/20 (Sat) Osaka MUSE
2015/06/21 (Sun) Nagoya ell.FITS ALL
2015/06/27 (Sat) Fukuoka DRUM SON
2015/06/28 (Sun) Hiroshima Namiki Junction
2015/07/04 (Sat) Sapporo COLONY
2015/07/05 (Sun) Sapporo COLONY
2015/08/09 (Sun) Shibuya Public Hall

Source:Edohsama blog

[Mini-Album] MoNoLith - SiN (02.07.2014)

1- Mudslinger
2- My Fuckin Darling
3- Ryusei gun 
4- Dessin
5- Kimagure na kamisama 

credits to akiko

Sunday, January 18, 2015

NOCTSCURE will Disband

NOCTSCURE will Disband
Visual Kei band NOCTSCURE will disband in March.

This is what the band has announced not long ago. The official statement doesn't reveal anything regarding the reason. It just says that they will change the plans for their already announced oneman on April 18th and will hold it on March 3rd instead. This will be NOCTSCURE's last live.
Vocalist Kai tweeted: "Because you can't fly with only one wing. You probably understand that, don't you? While hurting your feet on this path that is so hard and full of thornes all you can do is keep on walking."

The members asked for the support of their fans until the last live on March 3rd.



Black Klaxon has been on the down-low after guitarist Yukky left last December. But now they are ready to come back with not only a new guitarist, but a brand new band name. The bands name has been changed to ASTARIA and the new guitarist's name is Yuduki (far right on picture above), formerly in bands such as Lost Valentine and Alioth. All members have already changed their blogs to ASTARIA and their new website is also up. These changes in the band are supposed to bring a power-up to the bands musical style and sound, according to guitarist K.O.H's tweet. A preview of their new musical style has already been released on their new website.

Black Klaxon's first live as ASTARIA wil be on February 5, on their live, aptly titled, "re-start"

Source:Zansouki & edohsama blog

Unrealistic New Look

[Single]HOME MADE KAZOKU - 横恋慕(2015.01.14)

1. 横恋慕
2. ユーチューズ
3. こどな
4. N.A.M.A. (Remix) feat.ノリ・ダ・ファンキーシビレサス&ヤス一番? from nobodyknows+ 


[Album]Every Little Thing - Every Cheering Songs(2015.01.14)

2. Future World
3. Graceful World
4. Shapes Of Love
5. jump
7. Change
9. 黄金の月
10. ハイファイ メッセージ
12. self reliance
13. Smile Again
14. あたらしい日々


Saturday, January 17, 2015

[Album]AKB48 - ここがロドスだ、ここで跳べ!(2015.01.21)

1. 希望的リフレイン
2. ラブラドール・レトリバー
3. Reborn
4. 鈴懸の木の道で「君の微笑みを夢に見る」と言ってしまったら僕たちの関係はどう変わってしまうのか、僕なりに何日か考えた上でのやや気恥ずかしい結論のようなもの
5. 前しか向かねえ
6. 君の瞳はプラネタリウム
7. 2人はデキテル
8. ハート・エレキ
9. 心のプラカード
10. 47の素敵な街へ
11. 選んでレインボー
12. 恋とか…
13. 愛の存在 

1. Conveyor
2. 清純フィロソフィー
3. へなちょこサポート
4. 彼女
5. ダウンタウンホテル100号室
6. セーラーゾンビ
7. 純情ソーダ水
8. 愛と悲しみの時差
9. Birth 
10. 7回目の「レミゼ」
11. Oh! Baby!
12. ここがロドスだ、ここで跳べ!

1. 僕たちのイデオロギー
2. To goで
3. 教えてMommy
4. 切ないリプライ
5. パナマ運河
6. 赤いピンヒールとプロフェッサー
7. よわむしけむし
8. 涙は後回し
9. All of you
10. 友達でいられるなら
11. 今日までのメロディー
12. 生き続ける 

DISC 1|2|3


Friday, January 16, 2015

Kiryu to Perform at Nippon Budokan After Releasing New Single in April

Kiryu to Perform at Nippon Budokan After Releasing New Single in April
Visual Kei band Kiryu announced a brand new single to be released in April - and their first performance at famous Nippon Budokan.

The new single is titled "kyuubi" (九尾) and will drop on April 1st. If you're planning to get all types then maybe you want to think about it again after hearing that "kyuubi" will be released in 10 different versions. There are a few details on the types: Type A for 1080 Yen will come with a CD including one song and a DVD including the PV and Making for "kyuubi", Type B for 1080 Yen includes one song as well and multi angle PV of "kyuubi". The other 8 types cost 540 Yen each and these is the content: Type C to G will feature one song but you also receive a booklet that features a different member with each version, and type H to J will include two songs.

Moreover, Kiryu announced that they will go on one man tour "ryuushoukoga" that will end with the final at famous Nippon Budokan on July 31st. Budokan holds a capacity of about 10,000 people when it comes to concerts and the first live of a band there is always very special event in the band's history.

Until April there's plenty of time left but don't forget about Kiryu's new live DVD that is scheduled to be released on January 18th!



Thursday, January 15, 2015

[Single]B'z - Uchoten(2015.01.14)

1. 有頂天
2. Endless Summer 


[Album]SEKAI NO OWARI - Tree(2015.01.14)

1. the bell
2. 炎と森のカーニバル
3. スノーマジックファンタジー
4. ムーンライトステーション
5. アースチャイルド
6. マーメイドラプソディー
7. ピエロ
8. 銀河街の悪夢
9. Death Disco
10. broken bone
11. PLAY
12. RPG
13. Dragon Night


[Single]Nothing's Carved In Stone - Gravity(2015.01.14)

1. Gravity
3. 3 Selected Tracks from “Strangers In Heaven Tour” FINAL 2014.10.25 at Zepp Namba


[Album]KNOCK OUT MONKEY - Mr.Foundation(2015.01.14)

1. Revolution
3. If you fly
4. Take you
5. How long?
6. Priority
7. Greed
9. 街
10. Our World
11. Wonderful Life
12. Eyes


MIYAVI to Appear on The Ellen Degeneres Show

MIYAVI to Appear on The Ellen Degeneres Show
The "Samurai Guitarist" MIYAVI will be making his debut appearance on the all-time favorite talk show, The Ellen Degeneres Show!

MIYAVI is set to appear on the show alongside Jennifer Aniston on the 19th of January. MIYAVI will be there to share on his recent experience in transitioning from a rock star to an actor for the silver screen, and more!

It was also reported that MIYAVI will be performing one of his songs as well.

As for fans in Asia (Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Macau, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Thailand and Philippines), you can watch The Ellen Degeneres Show by tuning into Lifetime Asia.


SCANDAL Reveal Details on US and Mexico Lives

SCANDAL Reveal Details on US and Mexico Lives
SCANDAL will be heading out for a world tour this year! The girls have finally announced the location and dates for their US and Mexico lives!

SCANDAL will be be playing a total of 3 shows in US!

Check them out below!

5/15 at Rosemont Theatre, Chicago, Illinois
5/22 at House of Blues Anaheim, Anaheim, California
5/23 at House of Blues on Sunset, LA, California
5/20 at El Plaza Condesa, Mexico City

Singapore's venue and date for the live has yet to be confirmed so be sure to keep an eye out for it! For the full list of countries SCANDAL will be performing in, visit their official page.


11th Blu-BiLLioN Single Gets a Release Date in March

11th Blu-BiLLioN Single Gets a Release Date in March
Blu-BiLLioN's 10th single "Sincerely Yours" was released just less than a handful of months ago but already the band has announced a follow-up. The band's 11th single, out March 18th, will be entitled "Resonance - Kyomei - / Monokuro no Hana".

The single's two tracks are the intro and outro themes for the drama series "Messiah Eisei no Sho".

As with previous Blu-BiLLioN releases, there will be 2 limited editions with bonus DVD and a regular edition.