Tuesday, November 25, 2014

X Japan's YOSHIKI Says 1st New Album In 19 Years Is 80% Complete

X Japan's YOSHIKI Says 1st New Album In 19 Years Is 80% Complete
During an event held in Tokyo, X Japan member YOSHIKI announced that the band's upcoming album is 80% complete and will likely be coming out in April.

YOSHIKI attended Hello Kitty's 40th anniversary parade on November 24. He rode on a 15 meter (~49 feet) float through the streets of Tokyo as part of the celebration. The singer's latest song "Hello Hello" is Hello Kitty's newest theme song.

During the event, YOSHIKI talked about X Japan's upcoming album. He stated that the band's album is 80% complete and is currently on schedule to be released in April.

"About 10 songs have been recorded, but there are more than those 10 songs that are already recorded that we don't need," he said.

X Japan's upcoming album will be the band's first album in 19 years. Its last album, "Daliah", was released on November 4, 1996.

X Japan was a popular 90s band that is known for pioneering the visual kei movement. The band disbanded in 1997 and reunited in 2007. Since then, the band's focus has been on touring.



ALDEBARAN's new single "STARGAZER" will be released on December 3

[2 Maxi-Single] REVINE - NEO GATE (22.10.2014)

[Maxi-Single] REVINE - NEO GATE (22.10.2014)
2- Escape
3- HUMANOIDER【instrument】
4- New Variety

[Maxi-Single] REVINE - DICTATOR'S EMPIRE ~Code of D leading to a past~ (26.08.2014)
1- [D]EPARTURE Karisome no Tsubasa
2- 「Influence humanoid」
3- [D]ictator's Humanoid
4- [D]earless... 「~Chain of memory's~」

credits to inartistic

[Maxi-Single] By:ARLANT - Hexagram (27.09.2014)

1- Hexagram
2- The answer is...think by yourself
 3- Hoshijiro

credits to VS3

Monday, November 24, 2014

acid android to Release Artbook "collection #2"

acid android to Release Artbook "collection #2"
acid android will be releasing an official artbook titled "collection #2" where it will feature a collection of images used in acid android materials and previously unreleased photos. The artbook will be in A4 size and will include a total of 80 pages.

The artbook is now available for pre-order from today onwards until the 5th of January through BARKS x ARTIST DELI SHOPPING website. However, the website is only available for users in Japan.

"collection #2" art direction will be handled by Koji Nishida (nirnor) who has been working alongside acid android since 2010. The first artbook which was released in December 2011 was also directed by him.

Fans who purchased the artbook will also receive a serial code to download acid android's new song [the end of sequence code] and purchase published photos in a special art frame.

KENT of Lillies and Remains also appeared as the guitarist for the song "the end of sequence code".


w-inds. Announces New Single "FANTASY" and Live BR/DVD

w-inds. Announces New Single "FANTASY" and Live BR/DVD
w-inds. will be releasing an all-new single titled "FANTASY" in January 2015! This the band's 34th single up to date. The song is written by KAMIKAORU who previously provided the lyrics for "Dream You Back" in their latest album, "Timeless".

"FANTASY" will be made available in a total of 7 different version. Be sure to check out the details below!

In addition, the boys will also be releasing a live BR/DVD titled "w-inds. LIVE TOUR 2014 "Timeless"" on the 17th of December.

2015.01.21 RELEASE!
Limited Edition A
02. Million Dollar Girl
03. FANTASY(Instrumental)
04. Million Dollar Girl(Instrumental)
・FANTASY Music Video

Limited Edition B
02. Frozen in my heart
03. FANTASY(Instrumental)
04. Frozen in my heart(Instrumental)
・The Making of FANTASY Music Video

Regular Edition
02. Sweetest love
03. FANTASY(Instrumental)
04. Sweetest love(Instrumental)

・Music Card (PonyCa) Keita version
・Music Card (PonyCa) Ryuichi version
・Music Card (PonyCa) Ryohei version
・Music Card (PonyCa) w-inds. version

w-inds. LIVE TOUR 2014 "Timeless"
Blu-ray: 6400yen
DVD: 5300yen

01. Do Your Actions
02. Make you mine
03. Good time
04. move your body
05. Find Myself
06. Dilemma
07. whose is that girl?
08. Say so long
09. Yume de Aeru no ni ~Sometimes I Cry~
10. Sexy Girl
11. K.O.
12. so what?
13. Crazy for you
14. YES or NO
15. killin' me
16. You Are…
17. Dream You Back
18. Together Now
19. Feeling U
21. Moon Clock
22. will be there ~Koigokoro
23. Show me your style
Special Footage: The Making of LIVE TOUR 2014 "Timeless"


[Single]AKB48 - 希望的リフレイン( 2014.11.26)

AKB48 - 希望的リフレイン
1. 「希望的リフレイン」 
2. 「今、Happy」 (ばら組)
2. 「Ambulance」 (ゆり組)
2. 「歌いたい」 (かとれあ組)
2. 「制服の羽根」 (Team 8)
3. 「従順なSlave」 (Team A) 
3. 「初めてのドライブ」 (Team K)
3. 「ロンリネスクラブ」 (Team B)
3. 「目を開けたままのファーストキス」 (Team 4)
4. 「希望的リフレイン off vocal ver.」 
4. 「風の螺旋」 (こじ坂46) 
5. 「今、Happy off vocal ver.」 
5. 「Ambulance off vocal ver.」 
5. 「歌いたい off vocal ver.」 
6. 「従順なSlave off vocal ver.」 
6. 「初めてのドライブ off vocal ver.」 
6. 「ロンリネスクラブ off vocal ver.」 
6. 「制服の羽根 off vocal ver.」 
7. 「目を開けたままのファーストキス off vocal ver.」 
8. 「風の螺旋 off vocal ver.」 


[Maxi-Single] Corpse Corps - tomoshibi (27.09.2014)

1- Carnival Corpse
2- Lies as 『 』
3- Call of Confinement

credits to Yuki No Sai

[Maxi-Single] Schwarz Stein - Sleeping Madness (05.11.2014)

1- Sleeping Madness
2- Lilith
3- Sleeping Madness (Instrumental)
4- Lilith (Instrumental)

credits to ShanethVarosa

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Saturday, November 22, 2014

WEAVER reveal 2015 live house tour schedule

WEAVER have revealed the schedule for their 2015 live house tour.

The tour, hosting a total of 23 shows n 22 locations, will kick off on April 4 at CASINO DRIVE in Hokkaido. The finale will be held in late-May at Kobe VARIT. in Hyogo, which is also known as WEAVER's starting point. 

As a prelude to the tour, WEAVER will hold an event for members of their official fan club 'WOW' on March 31 at LIQUIDROOM in Tokyo. 
[WEAVER Live House Tour 2015]

Saturday, April 4 - CASINO DRIVE (Hokkaido)
Sunday, April 5 - Obihiro Rest (Hokkaido)
Tuesday, April 7 - Aomori Quarter (Aomori)
Wednesday, April 8 - Club Change WAVE (Iwate)
Saturday, April 11 - Yokohama BAYSIS (Kanagawa)
Saturday, April 18 - Koriyama CLUB #9 (Fukushima)
Sunday, April 19 - Yamagata Music Showa Session (Yamagata)
Wednesday, April 22 - Kanazawa AZ (Ishikawa)
Thursday, April 23 - NAGANO CLUB JUNK BOX (Nagano)
Saturday, April 25 - HEAVEN'S ROCK Saitama Shintoshin VJ-3 (Saitama)
Sunday, April 26 - mito LIGHT HOUSE (Ibaraki)
Thursday, April 30 - KYOTO MUSE (Kyoto)
Saturday, May 2 - CRAZYMAMA KINGDOM (Okayama)
Sunday, May 3 - LIVE rise SHUNAN (Yamaguchi)
Tuesday, May 5 - DRUM Be-7 (Nagasaki)
Wednesday, May 6 - Kumamoto B.9 V2 (Kumamoto)
Saturday, May 9 - X-pt. (Kochi)
Sunday, May 10 - Matsuyama SALONKITTY (Ehime)
Saturday, May 16 - M'AXA (Mie)
Sunday, May 17 - LiveHouse Hamamatsu Madowaku (Shizuoka)
Friday, May 22 - Takasaki club FLEEZ (Gunma)
Saturday, May 30 - Kobe VARIT. (Hyogo)
Sunday, May 31 - Kobe VARIT. (Hyogo)

Source & Image: natalie

THE TURTLES JAPAN to release 1st album + hold Zepp tour in spring

To coincide this release, they will hold a Zepp tour in April of 2015. 

Just last week, THE TURTLES JAPAN announced the addition of Remioromen's Jinguji Osamu (JINGUJI) and Simon Isogai (ISOGAI) to the band. While details on their 1st album have not been revealed at this time, it's known that the band will make stops at Zepp venues in Aichi, Osaka, and Tokyo for their upcoming tour. The full schedule can be seen below. 

The band is also scheduled to appear in 'RADIO CRAZY' on December 27 at Intex Osaka and 'COUNTDOWN JAPAN 14/15' on December 28 at Makuhari Messe. 

Wednesday, April 15 - Zepp Nagoya (Aichi)
Friday, April 17 - Zepp Namba (Osaka)
Tuesday, April 21 - Zepp DiverCity TOKYO (Tokyo)

Source: natalie

AAA announce New Year's concert + 2015 nationwide tour

AAA, who will celebrate their 10 year anniversary in 2015, have announced that they will hold a nationwide tour, 'AAA ARENA TOUR 2015 10th Anniversary-Attack All Around-', next year. The tour is scheduled to kick off on May 1 at Nippon Budokan, and it will host a total of 16 shows in 8 locations.

In addition, AAA will hold a one-man concert called 'NEW YEAR PARTY 2015' on January 1, 2015 at Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium. 

Check out the tour schedule below. 

Thursday, January 1 - Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium (Tokyo)


[AAA ARENA TOUR 2015 10th Anniversary-Attack All Around-]

Friday, May 1 - Nippon Budokan (Tokyo)
Saturday, May 2 - Nippon Budokan (Tokyo)
Tuesday, May 5 - Marine Messe Fukuoka (Fukuoka)
Wednesday, May 6 - Marine Messe Fukuoka (Fukuoka)
Saturday, May 16 - Hiroshima Green Arena (Hiroshima)
Sunday, May 17 - Hiroshima Green Arena (Hiroshima)
Saturday, May 23 - Nippon Gaishi Hall (Aichi)
Sunday, May 24 - Nippon Gaishi Hall (Aichi)
Saturday, May 30 - Sun Dome Fukui (Fukui)
Wednesday, June 17 - Osaka-jo Hall (Osaka)
Thursday, June 18 - Osaka-jo Hall (Osaka)
Saturday, June 27 - Makomanai Sekisui Heim Ice Arena (Hokkaido)
Saturday, July 4 - Xebio Arena Sendai (Miyagi)
Sunday, July 4 - Xebio Arena Sendai (Miyagi)
Wednesday, July 22 - Nippon Budokan (Tokyo)
Thursday, July 23 - Nippon Budokan (Tokyo)
Source & Image: natalie

[Single]ROOT FIVE - キミノミライ(2014.11.19)

1. キミノミライ
2. Just Be Friends
3. キミノミライ (インスト)
4. Just Be Friends (インスト)



The rebooted MeteoroiD (previously styled as METEOROID) revealed three dates for their consecutive single releases starting next year, 2015. On January 23 their first single Sokubaku will be release, March 11 the second single Fukushu, and then the third single Kuroshoubi on May 13.

If you followed MeteoroiD in the past you probably knew that the guitarist Yutori left earlier this year in September. The band later recruited guitarist Mikado to fill in his place. This sudden change caused the band reconsider their concept, both musically and visually. Instead of their previous musical direction – which was a mix of heavy electronic pop – they now switched to something much darker and metal focused, along with a matching look.

Also, something that might be worth mentioning is that all of their previously released work is gone from the band's discography, on their updated homepage. Any Youtube video from their previous era is also set to private, which makes them unavailable to the public.

Source:edohsama blog

v[NEU] - Best Album Announced

After recently announcing their disbandment, v[NEU] will release a best album as their final release for their fans. The album will be called v[NEU] BEST and it will be released on December 24th!

The album will have three different editions: First Press Limited Edition A, First Press Limited Edition B, and Regular Edition.

The First Press Limited Edition A will come with 2 CDs (CD #1, CD #2) and 2 DVDs (DVD #1, DVD #2). It will also contain special items such as: 1 random member autographed cheki, a photobook booklet, an autographed Christmas card, and a jacket-sized wall calendar. The set will cost 10,000 yen.

The First Press Limited Edition B will come with 2 CDs (CD #1, CD #2) and one DVD (DVD #1). It will cost 5000 yen.

Finally, the Regular Edition will come with 1 CD (CD #1) and 1 DVD (DVD #1). It will cost 3000 yen.

Below are the track lists:

[CD #1]
5.Restless Love
7.The 25th Century Love
9.starting over
11.everlasting light

[CD #2]
2.New World
8.in my secret...

[DVD #1]
4.Restless Love
5.The 25th Century Love
7.starting over

[DVD #2]
BEST LIVE Digest (38 min.)

And here is the album's spot:


[Maxi-Single] My BACTERIA HEAT IsLAND - Aozora Guillotine (05.11.2014)

1- Aozora Guillotine
2- osen kuiki
3- sekai wa sore wo mitsumerushikanai [Type-B]
3- PreDatoR [Type-C]

credits to jrockdrama


ALVION is a fairly new, Kansai visual kei band that have been keeping busy with continuous updates to their official webpage since its launch on August 1st. They have participated in numerous lives, and will continue with their next stop on November 27 at Shinsaibashi VARON where they'll perform alongside other bands - such as The 3rd Birthday, REVINE, HOLYCLOCK, etc,. ALVION also have a release planned for early 2015: however, information in regard to the release date, title and track list have yet to be revealed. If "NIGHT PRAYER" has piqued your interest in the band, you can visit their webpage (or their official YouTube channel) where you can listen to other songs that have been uploaded by ALVION.

And now for the introduction to the members that you may, or may not be familiar with:

Ex: shake†spier → BERLIN → GRIEVER → ASTRAY

 Katsuki: Gt.

 KKY: Gt.
Ex: Schweitzer → Gemini → GRIEVER → Synside → MonoLog

Jun: Ba. Twitter | Blog
Ex: glass → AIL†BREAKER →Λegenl → HEAR → Libera → ↑PicaSso↓ → MonoLog

Isora: Support Dr.
Ex: MonoLog (support Dr.)


Friday, November 21, 2014

Rose Noire - New Mini Album "Sanctuary"

"I stand silently in the midst of flowing time, deep in the holy land.."
The Gothic aesthetic band, Rose Noire, will be releasing a new mini album called Sanctuary on January 21st, 2015!

This release will be the band's first two disc release. The CD will contain 7 songs and the DVD will contain the MV of "Rise", one of their most popular songs at lives. The mini album will also come with a 12-page booklet.

The mini album will cost 2500 yen. The pre-sale of the release will start on December 7th at live venues. However, there will only be 1000 copies available of the release, so don't miss out!

01. Inner Gate
02. Jardin
03. Synapse
04. Worlds End Snow
05. Swallow
06. Rise
07. Daydream

01. Rise (MV)

Also, here is the spot for the mini album:

Rose Noire will also be holding their second one-man live titled Palais de Noir on December 7th! Below are the details and how you can get tickets:

Darkest Labyrinth Presents
Rose Noire 2nd oneman [Palais de Noir]
Dec 7th, 2014(sun) Ikebukuro Chop 
OPEN 17:00 / START 17:30
Adv 3,000yen(+1d)/ Door 3,500yen(+1d) 
A ticket:Rose Noire live show
B ticket: E plus ticket
C ticket: band email ticket
D ticket: Door ticket


LM.C - "MOGURA" MV (Short Ver.)

Tokami - New Maxi Single Release + PV Spot

Tokami will be releasing their new maxi single titled Luminescence on January 21st, 2015. The single will include CD+DVD featuring the PV for "Addicted Lover". It will cost 2160 yen and only limited to 1000 copies.

1. Addicted Lover
2. Sayonara no hate ni ame wa furite (さよならの果てに雨は降りて)
3. Luminescence

"Addicted Lover" PV


Acid Black Cherry - New Album "L-エル-" Release date confirmed

Big news for fans of Acid Black Cherry! Today it was announced that their next album would be released on February 4th, 2015. This is Janne da Arc's vocalist yasu's 4th concept album, and centers around the theme of "love," and the extraordinary life of a woman named "L"(エル).
The CD will include 13 songs total, including ABC's latest singles "INCUBUS," "Kuroneko~Adult Black Cat~," "Kimi ga inai, ano hi kara...," and "GREED GREED GREED." Full track listings and album cover art have not yet been released, but information about each version of the album and bonus content have been posted. Check it out!

CD+DVD ver. 1 (AVCD-32241/B, 4,800yen)
13-track CD
Project Shangri-la Encore Season Arena Tour live concert (performed at Nippon Budokan on May 29th, 2014)
Murder License
Kuroneko~Adult Black Cat~
Kimi ga inai, ano hi kara...
So...good night.
Tsumi to Batsu ~Kamisama no alibi~
Black Cherry
ENC -doomsday clock
ENC -scar
ENC -20+∞ Century Boys
100-page L concept story book
CD+DVD ver. 2 (AVCD-32242/B, 4500yen)
13-track CD
60-minute Project Shangri-la documentary covering all stops on the 10-month long tour, including off-shots, backstage clips, and interviews with yasu. 
PVs for "GREED GREED GREED," "Kuroneko~Adult Black Cat~," "Kimi ga inai, ano hi kara..." and "INCUBUS."
Live concert MC best selection from each stop on the tour.
100-page L concept story book
CD-only ver. (AVCD-32243, 3000yen)
13-track CD
44-page Acid Black Cherry photobook

All three versions come in a sleeve-style case and are available for pre-order at CDJAPAN. Check back for more information in the future!


Thursday, November 20, 2014

SCANDAL Announces European Tour

SCANDAL Announces European Tour
SCANDAL is set to go on tour through Europe in April 2015.

So far, 2 cities have been announced as locations for the tour. These cities are Paris and London. A third location will be revealed on December 3.

On April 25, SCANDAL will be performing in Paris at Le Bataclan. On April 26, the abnd will perform in London at Islington Academy. Tickets for both concerts will go on sale on November 26.

SCANDAL's European tour is part of the band's world tour scheduled to begin in January 2015. The world tour will begin in Japan and will take the band to countries such as the United States, the Unite Kingdom and France.


[Album]ACIDMAN - 有と無( 2014.11.19)

1. 有と無 (introduction)
2. 永遠の底
4. Stay in my hand
5. star rain
7. 世界が終わる夜
8. ハレルヤ
9. en (instrumental)
10. your soul
11. 黄昏の街
12. 最期の景色 


[Album]→Pia-no-jaC← - EAT A CLASSIC 5(2014.11.19)

1. アイネクライネ
2. G線上のアリア
3. トルコ行進曲
4. グリーンスリーブス
5. ハッピーバースデー
6. ラデツキー行進曲 





[Maxi-Single] Megamasso - blind innocence (14.05.2014)

1- blind innocence
3- karei no oyado

credits to eiheartx

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

MAXIMUM THE HORMONE's Maximum The Ryo-kun Discharged From Hospital

MAXIMUM THE HORMONE's Maximum The Ryo-kun Discharged From Hospital
After spending the past week in the hospital for meningitis, MAXIMUM THE HORMONE's Maximum The Ryo-kun has been discharged.

Maximum The Ryo-kun's recovery was announced on the band's official website. Although his symptoms subsided enough to warrant the discharge, the singer will still need to rest for the time being.

Health officials initially estimated that Maximum The Ryo-kun would need to stay in the hospital for 2 weeks; however, the singer recovered quicker than expected, allowing him to leave the hospital earlier than expected.

While in the hospital, Maximum The Ryo-kun complained of pains in the lower half of his body, particularly in his hips and thighs. Because of this, he will be observed in the future. He will not immediately be resuming his live activities.


[Single] 家入レオ - Silly( 2014.11.19)

1. Silly
2. 願い事
3. 勇気のしるし
4. Silly (Instrumental) 
5. 願い事 (Instrumental)
6. 勇気のしるし (Instrumental) 


[Single]SCANDAL - Image(2014.11.19)

1. Image
2. ないないNight 2014
3. Image (Instrumental)


[Album] D - KINGDOM (12.11.2014)

1- Blood Moon
3- Mother Doll
4- tsuki no sakazuki
5- chi ni nureta ikkaku
6- danzai no gunner
8- anökumene (instrumental)
9- en'ou no koshikake
10- kaze ni totsuida bailaora
11- binetsu~ame no fantasia~
12- Another Kingdom(instrumental)
13- kurobara no kishi
14- Rosenstrauss
15- shuuen~sora e no kaiki~
16- shuuen~sora e no kaiki~(instrumental)
17- shuuen~sora e no kaiki~ (King & Royal Blood Orchestra ver.)
credits to gnk777

[Single] Gossip - Psycho-pas$ (01.10.2014)

1- Psycho-pas$
2- Finale

credits to kyoselflove

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

[Album]FoZZtone - Return to Earth(2014.11.12)

1. Monochrome
2. ハジマリノアメ
3. Everything begins from Nothing
4. #005
5. この狭い部屋とその窓辺に咲く花
6. dejavu
7. Dance@13
8. ホラネ
9. 独り言
10. Parallel World



"The long-awaited first full album is finally here!!
Includes the opening SE currently being used at the band's live shows, 6 brand new songs, and remastered versions of the title tracks from their first through fourth singles. No fan should miss out on this album, which offers a glimpse at expressions of LIV'ERT never seen before. A one-man live will be held in commemoration of the release on December 5, 2014 at Ikebukuro EDGE!

※If an advance order is placed together with an order for an item in stock, both items will be delivered together when the item on advance order is officially released. Therefore, it is recommended that advance orders are placed separately."

Dec 5, 2014 - On sale at live venues
Jan 21, 2015 - On sale in stores
Disc number: SWLV-3
Label: Starwave Records
Distribution: FWD Inc.
Price: 3,240 yen (tax in)
Format: 12page booklet
Limit 1000 copies

CD Playlist: 
01. Appearance
02. Dim the animus
03. Circle of sorrow
04. Anemone
05. Seijaku no Toge
06. Regret
07. Alive
08. Shinkirou
09. Proof of Waste
10. Psycho
11. Rasen

Official Website:

Official facebook:

Online Shop:

E-MAIL: info@starwaverecords.jp

source: LIV'ERT official facebook

THE KIDDIE - New Album "DYSTOPIA" Update

On November 26th THE KIDDIE will release their new album DYSTOPIA! To go along with it's release, the band uploaded a preview of their music video "OMELAS," which will be featured on the DVD of the limited version of the album.

While "first press" editions of the regular version of DYSTOPIA are sold out, it is still available for the limited version! You can find the PV preview and information on the album below.

DYSTOPIA (Limited Edition) - ¥3,600
04. 1 or 8
05. 1414287356
07. HATE
08. FLY
09. emit.
10. Always on your side
11. Now 'n Never
12. ワンダーワールド

01. OMELAS (Music Clip)
02. emit. (Music Clip)
03. 1414287356 (Music Clip)
04. ワンダーワールド (Music Clip)

DYSTOPIA (Regular Edition) - ¥2,800
04. 1 or 8
05. 1414287356
07. HATE
08. FLY
09. emit.
10. Always on your side
11. Now 'n Never
12. ワンダーワールド
13. 鮫
14. 溜息の呪文


Kiryu - "Amaterasu" PV

[Album] DEZERT - Outo ni kansuru chokugo (12.11.2014)

1- ----
2- Outo
3- Satsui
4- infection
5- Ikaiyou to Rousseau no Sakkaku
6- Gishi
7- Saa Milk wo Nomimashou.
8- Keibetsu
9- doze.
10- Noukanshounen
11- Kyouiku
12- 26ji no Reitouko

credits to Yuki No Sai

[Maxi-Single] the:Ø - distance (25.10.2014)

1- pain killer
2- distance of...
3- Drama queen
5- distance

credits to inartistic

[PV]Owl City - Tokyo ft. SEKAI NO OWARI

Monday, November 17, 2014

[Album]fade - Crossroad~History Of fade(2014.02.26)

fade - Crossroad~History Of fade
1. Cross Road
2. ユレノナカ
3. One Shot Dealer
4. Beautiful
5. She
6. Better Scarred
7. Under the Sun
8. Filter
9. Last Man Standing
10. So Far Gone
11. コズミカリズム
12. Kings of Dawn
13. One Reason
14. Ever Free
15. Close to You
16. Ten 
17. Livin’ on a Prayer (BONUS TRACK)



As most of you may know, Mix Speaker's,Inc. recruited their new vocalist NIKA in October to fill the void that YUKI left we he departed from the band in April this year. On the 14th of November, they uploaded a short demo for a musical recording while in their new formation.

Also, Mix Speaker's,Inc. will be performing with their new line up for the first time on December 7 at Shinjuku BLAZE. Here are the additional live date details for their one-man tour titled "Ghost House":

Mix Speaker's,Inc. New Formation One-man Tour「Ghost House」
2014/12/07 (Sun) at Shinjuku BLAZE
2014/12/11 (Thu) at Nagoya ell fits all
2014/12/12 (Fri) at  ESAKA MUSE
Tickets in advance 4650 yen / at the door 5190 yen. General sales start: 2014/10/19 10:00-
Rakuten: Puchase tickets (*Non-Japan residents can purchase these tickets)

Source:edohsama blog

[CM] YETI: PV COMPILATION - "REC-20132014-" (RE: OCT/15/2014)

[PV Preview]Chanty - Otonari-san

[PV Preview] REALies - Yukitokei