Tuesday, July 29, 2014

T.M. Revolution To Release New Single "Phantom Pain"

T.M. Revolution To Release New Single "Phantom Pain"
T.M. Revolution will release his new single on September 3rd. This ballad has already been chosen for the CM of Ikedamohando's "Delicare M's", starring Takanori himself.

In the meantime, on August 6th Takanori wll release his single "Tsuki Yabureru -Time to SMASH!", theme song for TV Tokyo's anime "Disc Wars: The Advengers"

Limited Edition (CD + DVD containing MV and TV spot for the title track)
Regular Edition (CD Only)


Hakuya Departs from Poltergeist

Poltergeist announced that drummer Hakuya will leave the band.

After some announcements of members leaving, last year we could report on great news of the band: Three new members joined them. After restarting activities it actually seemed to go well for them but now there is bad news again. Drummer Hakuya will leave the band. He pointed out that he has done everything he could do since joining in October 2013 and in order to go the next step he decided that he has to leave the band after the live on August 29th.


Kaya's New Live DVD will Hit the Stores in August

Kaya's New Live DVD will Hit the Stores in August
Kaya announced that a new live DVD will drop on August 20th.

The title of this DVD is "Gothic Elements~After Live Party~" and it will feature his live at Shinjuku BLAZE on February 23rd. It will cost 4860 Yen.

Track list:
04.Kasha-shining flowers-
06.chocolat (ショコラ)
07.Glitter Arch

Also his band Schwarz Stein has announced a new release: a single that will drop on November 5th. As soon as more details are available we'll let you know!


BREAKERZ Announce First Countdown Live

BREAKERZ Announce First Countdown Live
"BREAKERZ COUNTDOWN LIVE 2014-2015" will be performed on December 31st at Pacifico Yokohama, this will be BREAKERZ's first new year's eve countdown concert.

The band made this announcement on July 26th, during the event "BATTLE ROYALE ZEPP 2014~Dai 1kkai BREAKERZ Solo Houkokukai~" at Zepp Tokyo. All the members performed there with their solo units. When DAIGO started to talk about the band's 7th anniversary, he also revealed that their next concert together as BREAKERZ will be the event at Pacifico Yokohama, on December 31st.


Yeti to Release DVD in October

Yeti to Release DVD in October
Visual Kei band Yeti announced the release of its first DVD this October.

Yeti is around for about 1 1/2 years now. The band has released three mini-albums and will release its first PV DVD titled "REC-20132014-" on October 15th. For 3996 Yen you'll receive a DVD with these 5 PVs:


Moreover, the DVD features off shot scenes and web spots recorded since the band's formation.


ALSDEAD Reveals Details on New Album "IDEA"

ALSDEAD Reveals Details on New Album "IDEA"
Two months ago Visual Kei band ALSDEAD revealed their plans to release a new album this fall. Today they've given out more details such as title and release date.

The band's new album will be titled "IDEA" (イデア) and is scheduled to be released on October 8th. The Regular Edition costs 3100 Yen and is CD-only while the Limited Edition that comes with a DVD costs 3900 Yen. As soon as we know more details on the track list we'll let you know!


NoGoD New Look

CELL New Look


It was announced at R指定(R-Shitei) one-man live tour "メンヘラの集い (Menheler no tsudoi) 2014" tour final at Osaka Yagaiongakudou on July 19th that their new maxi-single (title not yet finalized) will be released in October, although details have not yet been announced.

By the way they will hold their one-man live tour as follows:

October 11th at Zepp DiverCity Tokyo
October 24th at Zepp Nanba
October 25that Zepp Nagoya
November 8th at Zepp Sapporo
November 16that Zepp Fukuoka

Their special CD will be enclosed in SHOXX Vol.260 (to be released on August 21st).

Credits: Trombe via MH

[Mini-Album] NEMETH - CREATURE (26.03.2014)

3- Curse
0- Beautiful distortion
5- Ellie

password: creature

credits to Yuki No Sai

[Maxi-Single] Kameleo - obake (23.07.2014)

1- obake
2- D・S・K
3- 5人Vo. 
4- kame talk

credits to murray254

[Maxi-Single] Paranoid≠circuS - requiem (09.07.2014)

1- requiem
2- S.A.C
3- dokusenyoku

credits to xPrincess_ChaosX

[Maxi-Single] D - tsuki no sakazuki (23.07.2014)

1- tsuki no sakazuki 
2- Crystal Crown
3- Little Adventurers
4- My unborn baby

credits to sugibo

Monday, July 28, 2014

BORN Announces "Son Of A Bitch"

Yesterday Visual Kei band BORN held its tour final "〜THE STALIN -SECTION 1-【OSMOSIS】〜" at Shinjuku BLAZE and announced there that a new single will hit the stores at the end of the year.

"Son Of A Bitch" is the title of BORN's new single that will hit the stores on December 3rd. There will be three different versions: Limited Edition Type A costs 2700 Yen and includes 2 songs as well as the PV and making for the lead track, Limited Edition Type B for the same price includes 2 songs and a documentary of the recording for the single, and the Regular Edition for 1620 Yen is CD-only including 3 songs.

Furthermore, they will hold a one man live titled "~THE STALIN -SECTION 2-【BRAINWASH】~" at Shinjuku BLAZE on December 29th.

Speaking of lives, this summer BORN will take part in several stylish wave-events, will hold a two man live with R-Shitei, go on two man European tour with Lycaon and on two man Japan tour with Mejibray. Check out the band's website if you're interested in more details on these lives!

And have you already watched BORN's comment for the upcoming European tour?


[Single]KNOCK OUT MONKEY - Wonderful Life(2014.07.23)

1. Wonderful Life
2. No Ending 


[Single]OLDCODEX - Dried Up Youthful Fame( 2014.07.30)

1. Dried Up Youthful Fame
2. Steal Mine
3. Massive Act


[Album]SKE48 - 不器用太陽( 2014.07.30)

1. 不器用太陽
2. 放課後レース
2. サヨナラ 昨日の自分 
2. バナナ革命 
2. 恋よりもDream 
3. Coming soon
4. 友達のままで 
5. 不器用太陽 (off vocal)
6. 放課後レース (off vocal)
6. サヨナラ 昨日の自分 (off vocal)
6. バナナ革命 (off vocal)
6. 恋よりもDream (off vocal)
7. Coming soon (off vocal)
8. 友達のままで (off vocal) 


[Maxi-Single] REIGN - shinsou (09.07.2014)

1- Death loveR
2- koakuma strawberry
3- Jumping speaker

credits to peffy

[Maxi-Single] Matenrou Opera - Tonari ni suwaru taiyo (23.07.2014)

1- Tonari ni suwaru taiyou
2- Main Cast wa kangaeru

credits to Josué

Sunday, July 27, 2014

UNiTE. Gains New Drummer and Announces New Single for September

Visual Kei band UNiTE. announced today that a new drummer has joined them and that they will release their 6th single that hit the stores in September.

In April drummer Yukimi announced to depart from UNiTE. due to serious problems with his back. The band continued with its four members but today they announced that they've become a five-member band again. Their new drummer's name is "Sana" (莎奈) who was EVE's drummer yoshi. Even the new artist picture is just the sillhouettes of the members. His first live will be on August 16th at Shibuya Koukaidou where UNiTE. will release a live-limited single. It includes two versions of their re-recorded song "Eniver": "Eniver -updated ver.S-" and "Eniver -updated ver.S-(off vo.)".

But there will be another single available for everyone as of September 17th. It's titled "rev / ice" (レヴ / ice) and comes in four different versions:

Limited Edition Type M
01. rev (レヴ)
02. ice
03. rev (off vo.)
01. rev PV
02. rev PV Making

Limited Edition Type L
01. ice
02. rev (レヴ)
03. ice (off vo.)
01. ice PV
02. ice PV Making

Limited Edition "keisou"
01. rev (レヴ)
02. ice

Regular Edition
01. rev (レヴ)
02. ice
03. kimi ha shiranai (君は知らない)
04. kimi ha shiranai (君は知らない) (off vo.)


LOST ASH to hold 3 Free One-Man Performances

Exciting news for fans of LOST ASH! The band will be embarking on a three-month free one-man live tour, entitled GET TO KNOW "LOST ASH." The band, which originally formed in 2009 by vocalist Daiki and former OCELOT members Show (guitars), Sai (bass), and Dye (drums & piano), has received a lot of attention these past few years, as several of their singles have peaked in the top 10 of the Oricon Indies charts. Their latest and 11th single, "MESSAGE," released on June 18th, hit #9.

In addition to these upcoming free performances, they will also be holding a one-man live at Shibuya REX called LOST ASH PRESENTS SUMMER PARTY. This is an exciting event as fans who show up in yukata will be given a "Summer Festival" limited edition DVD as a gift. The concert will also be broadcast live on JapanVisualTV.

Information for the lives are as follows:

August 3rd, 2014
Shibuya REX

2:30PM Merchandise sales begin
3:30PM Merchandise sales end
4:00PM Doors open, fans will have the opportunity to take Polaroid photos with the band, and merchandise sales will start again
5:30PM Talk with the members 
6:00PM performance starts
Tickets to this event are 3,000yen in advance, and 3,500yen at the door.

GET TO KNOW "LOST ASH" Free One-Man Lives
September 19th, 2014
Shibuya REX
Doors open 6:30PM
Show starts 7:00PM

October 17th, 2014
Shibuya REX
Doors open 6:00PM
Show starts 6:20PM
Opening: BlackMoral

November 21st, 2014
Shibuya REX
Doors open 6:30PM
Show starts 7:00PM


Saturday, July 26, 2014


PENICILLIN announced that their new maxi-single (title not yet finalized) will be released on September 10th (3 Types, 2 songs, 1,500yen each).

Credits: Trombe via MH


MIYAVI announced that his new single (title not yet finalized) will be released on September 10th (3 songs, 1,296yen).

Credits: Trombe via MH


Moran announced that they will release their new maxi-single titled "堕落へと続く偏愛の感触 (Daraku e to tsuzuku hen'ai no kanshoku)" on October 8th (2 Types).

Limited Edition (1,944yen) will include CD+DVD (including "堕落へと続く偏愛の感触 (Daraku e to tsuzuku hen'ai no kanshoku)" PV), and Regular Edition (1,620yen) will include CD only.

1- 堕落へと続く偏愛の感触 (Daraku e to tsuzuku hen'ai no kanshoku)
2- Memorable
3-  グロテスク ライド (Grotesque Ride) (incl.in Regular Ed.)

Credits: Trombe via MH

[Maxi-Single] GIGAMOUS - Tokyo (09.07.2014)

1- Tokyo
2- Pyroilim

credits to xPrincess_ChaosX

[Maxi-Single] Sick² - CLUB SICK (02.07.2014)

2- Dr.Earache
3- Psychological Labyrinth (act.2)

credits to hiroike

Friday, July 25, 2014


DESTROSE new mini album is scheduled to be released in September. Details were not revealed yet.

Source: Trombe via MH

[Maxi-Single] ViV - Cage (25.03.2014)

1- Cage
2- Destiny
3- Cage (Instrumental)

credits to Inamura Yumi

[Maxi-Single] Moran - but Beautiful (16.07.2014)

1- but Beautiful
2- Byouma
3- Break the silence 

credits to Sakura Seven

[Single] AIM - PSYCHOANALYZE (05.04.2014)



credits to hiroki

Thursday, July 24, 2014

SiM Announces Album Release Date and Cover Artwork

SiM will be releasing their 3rd mini album "i AGAINST i" on the 17th of September (Wednesday)! Along with the announcement of the album release date, the band also published a new artist photo and the cover artwork of the anticipated mini album.

The cover artwork is drawn by Atsushi Kaneko, a Japanese manga artist who's famous for Soil and Bambi and Her Pink Gun.


luri to Depart from BASH!

Only six months after its formation Visual Kei band "BASH!" will already lose a member.

Just two days ago we reported on BASH! that revealed to release its 2nd single in October. Now fans have to deal with sad news: guitarist luri announced to depart from the band. According to the official statement that appeared on their blogs today the reason for his departure is musical differences. The music he wants to play differs from the songs the other members have planned for this band and they couldn't come to an agreement, so this is the decision the members made.

luri's last live as member of BASH! will be held on August 7th at Ash OSAKA


[Mini-Album] Piece - EXCEED NEUTRINO (14.05.2014)

1- Lust Air 
2- daydream
3- onigashira
4- minna no beach 
5- meta material
6- Water ColorS

credits to REZxSKULL

[Maxi-Single] Lil.y - idea (14.06.2014)

1- idea
2- Ludas
3- Vanishment This World

credits to REZxSKULL

[Album] REALies - Drama (04.06.2014)

 1- zero no kodou (SE)
4- Gossip
5- setsuna candle
6- -kuon-
7- irohauta
8- cinema syndrome
9- LiNE
10- 180-Drama mix-
11- today is the Firstday.
12- Drama

credits to ambergris

[Maxi-Single] SuG - B.A.B.Y. (23.07.2014)

 1- B.A.B.Y.
3- marbles.


credits to Inamura Yumi

[Maxi-Single] the Raid. - aison d'etre [Type-C] (02.04.2014)

1- raison d'etre
3- uso to amazora

credits to amber gris

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

SCAPEGOAT Reveals Details on "psycho na bansan"

SCAPEGOAT Reveals Details on "psycho na bansan"
In May Visual Kei SCAPEGOAT announced the release of a new single titled "psycho na bansan" (サイコな晩餐) that will hit the stores on September 3rd. Now they've finally revealed more details on this CD.

There will be three different types: Type A costs 1620 Yen and comes with a DVD and a booklet (12 pages) while Type B and C cost 1296 Yen each and are CD-only. Check out the track lists:

Type A
01. psycho na bansan (サイコな晩餐)
psycho na bansan PV

Type B
01. psycho na bansan (サイコな晩餐)
02. subliminal (サブリミナル)

Type C
01. psycho na bansan (サイコな晩餐)
02. kuromajutsu gokko (黒魔術ごっこ)

On September 14th they will go on live tour titled "bouinboushoku" (暴飲暴喰) that will start in the South of Japan, in Okinawa, and the tour final will be held on September 29th at Takadanobaba AREA in Tokyo.


BASH! to Release New Single "LIV"

BASH! to Release New Single "LIV"
Visual Kei band BASH! that started band activities in January announced the release of its 2nd single.

On July 21st BASH! held a live at Shinsaibashi VARON and announced there that its new single "LIV" will be released on October 1st. It includes one SE titled "LIV" and two songs titled "ORIGINAL" and "1st berry". 
If you're in Japan in September you can buy this single already at BASH!'s live "do you want LIV?" that will be held at OSAKA RUIDO on September 20th. That day not only this new single will be on sale but also the band's live-limited DVD.