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[Album]avengers in sci-fi - Unkown Tokyo Blues(2014.06.18)

1. Intro
2. Citizen Song
3. Riders In The Rain
4. Tokyo Techtonix
5. Superstar
6. 20XX
7. Metropolis
8. No Future
9. Anonymous
10. Soldiers
11. And Beyond The Infinite


ViViD - Live in Taiwan Announced

Exciting new for ViViD fans in Taiwan! The band will be performing there at the end of the month for a two day festival called Sunrise Rock Festival in Kaohsiung. The dates of the festival are September 27th and 28th. ViViD will be sharing the stage with Taiwanese bands MP (MagicPower) and 滅火器(Fire EX.) 

Below is the information about the festival and for purchasing tickets:
Sunrise Rock Festival in Kaohsiung 
Date: 2014/09/27 (Sat), 2014/09/28 (Sun)Place: Dream Mall (806高雄市前鎮区中華五路789番)Line-up: MP (MagicPower) / 滅火器(Fire EX.) / ViViD

1st Sales Period (2014/09/12 - 2014/09/17)1-day ticket 2000 TWD / 2-day ticket 3800 TWD
2nd Sales Period (2014/09/18 - 2014/09/28)1-day ticket 2000 TWD / 2-day ticket 3800 TWD
3rd Sales Period (2014/09/27 - 2014/09/28)1-day ticket 3000 TWD


Royz - New Single "Supernova"

Royz will be releasing a new single, titled Supernova on December 10th! It will come in four editions.

The A and B types will come with both a CD with two songs and a DVD. The A type will have the music video for the leading single and will have the making-of video. The B type will have the multi-angle version of the music video. Both will cost 1800 yen.

The C and D types will just come with the CD consisting of 3 songs, including the instrument of the leading single and a different coupling track.

Currently there is no other information available, but we will keep you updated!

Source: VKH

Blu-BiLLioN - New Single "Sincerely yours" + New Look

After their release of Garden back in August, Blu-BiLLioN is back with another single! This time, it is titled Sincerely yours and will be released on November 19th!

So far, the only information about the new single is that it will come in 3 editions: Limited Edition A & B and Regular Edition. The limited editions will come with a CD and DVD costing 1800 yen. The regular edition will come with just one CD and will cost 1200 yen.

Plus, the band will be going on a new one-man tour called Sincerely 7 colours that will kick off in November.
11/08: Shinjuku ReNY
11/24: Sendai MACANA
11/29: Nagoya MID
12/06: Okayama IMAGE
12/07: Fukuoka DRUM SON
01/03: Shibuya Public Hall


0801ni209XX6 - New Mini Album

0801ni209XX6 will release a new mini album titled 3:2 that will come out on December 3rd in two different versions: Type A and B. Type A comes with the CD and a DVD featuring the PV for "THE FIVE"  for ¥2700 while Type B is just CD-only for ¥2160. 

02.Ms.Red Riding Hood
04.Phantom Vibration


DESTROSE - Drummer Haruna to leave

Sad news for fans of the band DESTROSE, as drummer Haruna has decided to leave the band before the end of this year. An official band statement as well as a personal message from Haruna was posted today on their web site as well as their blogs. Haruna wrote:

I, Haruna, drummer of DESTROSE, will be leaving the band before the end of the year as I will be getting married. From the beginning, I wanted to continue with DESTROSE as long as possible, and the other members also wished this. However, the condition of my right ear is also not the best, and we decided it was time to leave so as to not cause any more trouble.
I deeply apologize to the fans, the members, and everyone associated with us, to do this at a time when we have a release and a one-man tour, and when people expect everyone to participate.
Unfortunately, I can no longer fully concentrate on musical activities.

Haruna went on to state that she will give it her all until her last performance with the band, and she will continue to cheer DESTROSE on as she embarks on a new path in life. The band said that information regarding their future will be posted on their web site. DESTROSE's final one-man live for their release "The Prologue" will be held on November 23rd at Meguro Live Station. Keep an eye out for more info regarding the band in the future.


[Single] Jupiter - ARCADIA (13.09.2014)

2- Darkness


Friday, September 12, 2014

[Single]WHITE ASH - Hopes Bright(2014.09.10)

1. Hopes Bright
2. Killing Time
3. Faster 


[Single]DAIGO - CHANGE !!/心配症な彼女(2014.09.10)

1. CHANGE !!
2. 心配症な彼女
3. SUPER JOY 2014 


Purple Stone - New Single Details + New Look

Great news for fans of Purple Stone! In April of this year we reported that vocalist keiya had to take a break from the band due to illness. Well, he has now recovered and the band will be putting out their first nationwide single, "Amazuppai Mango" ("Sweet & sour mango"), on November 26th!

There will be two editions of the single, one including a DVD. Purple Stone has also updated their web site to reflect their return as a three-piece band, and their new looks. Check it out, and stay tuned for more info!

Limited Edition 1,389yen+tax (CCR-007)
1. Amazuppai mango
2. Doko ka tooku e (to somewhere far away)

1. Amazuppai mango 

Regular Edition 926yen+tax (CCR-008)
1. Amazuppai mango
2. Hysteric Lady


[Album] Xenon - ULTIMA (16.07.2014)

1- Eva
2- HIGH ROLLER-Re Arranged ver.-
3- maibotsu dogra magra
4- -0- story
5- Ms.Scythe
6- sthavira
9- regulus -Re Arranged ver.-
10- No.A
11- NeXtia
12- white notes
13- myway

credits to ambergris

[Album] DuelJewel - Story (27.08.2014)

1- Days
2- It's just love
3- Sad/Mad
4- Sunset Riot
5- Maze
6- Chronos
7- abyss life
9- kiseki no hana
10- kimi no sekai de
11- aishuu melancholia ~Story Ver.~

credits to Tolyak26

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Introducing: DiCE

Here's another new band to introduce: DiCE! They are fairly new, having recently started activities this September.

Here are the members and their positions:

Vo.流威 (Rui)
Ba.ゆづき (Yuzuki)

The only information they have posted on their homepage is that they will be having their debut live on October 15th at SHIBUYA-REX and will be participating with other visual kei bands as well. They also announced four more lives to take place in November and January including their first headlining live, descent to DiCE, that will take place on January 22nd at IKEBUKURO Edge. More information about all these lives can be found here.


VAMPS - Halloween Party 2014 Guests & Details Revealed

VAMPS will be hosting their HALLOWEEN PARTY again in October for five days! 

Guests that will be having performances include DAIGO, Momoiro Clover Z, Tommy heavenly6, May J., MUCC, Golden Bomber, Silent Siren, SID, Nogizaka46, Kishidan, and of course, VAMPS themselves!

Also each day their Halloween unit, HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA, will have a special performance!

Below is the information regarding each concert day and the ticketing information from their site:

[Date & Time / Place]
October 17, 2014(Fri), October 18 (Sat), October 19 (Sun)
Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall 9・10・11
(10/17) Open 17:00 / Start 18:30 
October 25, 2014 (Sat) and October 26 (Sun)
Kobe World Memorial Hall
Open 16:00 / Start 17:00 
[Ticket Price]
In Advance 8,610 yen(w/o tax)/ 9,300 yen(w/ tax)
At the Door 9,110 yen(w/o tax)/ 9,840 yen(w/ tax) 
[Act Line-up]
October 17 (Fri) VAMPS / DAIGO / Momoiro Clover Z / Kishidan
October 18 (Sat) VAMPS / DAIGO / Tommy heavenly6 / May J.
October 19 (Sun) VAMPS / DAIGO / SID / Nogizaka 46
October 25 (Sat) VAMPS / DAIGO / MUCC / Silent Siren
October 26 (Sun) VAMPS / DAIGO / Golden Bomber  
■VAMPS FC『VAMPADDICT』 9/11 (Thu) ~9/15 (Mon)
■Guest Artists' Official site 9/11 (Thu) ~9/15 (Mon)
■HYDE Mobile Site『HYDERoom』 9/14 (Sun) ~9/17(Wed)
■Overseas 『NEXUS Ticket Center』 9/11 (Thu) ~9/16 (Tue)
※NEXUS ticket access in English is limited to OVERSEAS USERS ONLY.
This service can't be accessed from Japan.
■Playguide Priority 『Ticket Pia』 9/16 (Tue) ~9/21 (Sun) 
[General Ticket Sales]
10/4 (Sat) 10:00am~

Don't forget your costumes!




[Single] Belle - Ge (2014)

1- Ano hi no boku no kimi to ame
2-We Slow Motion
3- Kaleidoscope

credits to Nida

[2 Mini-Album] SERIAL⇔NUMBER - Radicarhythm / Ryuukai WahLD! (23.04.2014)

[Mini-Album] SERIAL⇔NUMBER - Radicarhythm (23.04.2014)
1- [α]rhythm
2- Shikisai DREAM
3- Yamai ndemikku
4- Awa awa
5- Parira
6- letter of smile

[Mini-Album] SERIAL⇔NUMBER - Ryuukai WahLD! (23.10.2014)
1- Kimipedia
2- Okinawa Hydrographic dream
4- Fre×③sh!!
5- kaito JET'S ~ lost lonely night ~
6- Haisai World
7- Wahhhh!

credits to Jrockdrama

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

[Single]MUCC - 故に、摩天楼(2014.09.10)

1. 故に、摩天楼
2. Conquest
2. 摩天楼-TV EDIT-


Tuesday, September 9, 2014


2. ロストジンクス


Kiryu - New Single "Amaterasu" Announced

Kiryu has recently announced that they will be releasing a new single, titled Amaterasu (天照) on November 19th. The single will come in four different types: Limited Editions A & B and Regular Editions C & D.

The limited editions will come with both a CD with two songs and DVD in which type A will have the MV of the single and the making-of video. Type B will consist of the MV as a multi-angle version with all the members. Both will cost 1800 yen.

The regular editions will both have one CD containing 3 songs, both with the instrumental of the single as well as a different coupling track. Both will cost 1500 yen.


Introducing: liraizo

Here's another new band: liraizo (リライゾ) ! They just started activities this month, but already have a lot of information available!

A lot of you might recognize some of these members from their previous bands. Below are the new members and their positions:

Vo. YUKI, ex. -Mix Speaker's,Inc.
Gt. キリ (Kili), ex. アンド
Gt. 冬摩 (Touma), ex. Ladyant Black & Circus
Ba. ユウトマン (Yuutoman), ex. SCREW
Dr. 鈴音 (Suzune), ex. アンド

Second, they will release their first mini album on November 26th called Himitsu Club (秘密クラブ). It will have 6 songs and will cost 2484 yen.

Below is the preview to the leading single "Tsumitobachi" (罪と罰).

Lastly, their debut live will take place on November 17th called リライゾ presents OGRE GOD FESTIVAL Vo.1 at TSUTAYA O-EAST. Other bands like THE KIDDIE, HERO, DIAURA and more will be participating as well.



Introducing: Kuroyuri to Kage

We are introducing you to a relatively new visual kei band called Kuroyuri to Kage (黒百合と影) ! Some of you might remember them as memento mori, who disbanded recently in August.

Here are the new members and positions:

Vo. 烏名鳴 (Karasuna Mei),  ex-メメント・モリ (memento mori) as 哀-Ai-
Gt. 黒 (Kuro), ex-メメント・モリ (memento mori) as 椿-Tsubaki-
Gt. こよみ (Koyomi),  ex-メメント・モリ (memento mori) as 潯-Jin-
Ba. K, ex-メメント・モリ (memento mori)  as 夜半-Yohan-
Dr. 夢月 (Mutsuki).  ex-メメント・モリ (memento mori) as support drummer

The new band is currently under the label MadWinK. So far, the only information on their homepage is that they will be holding their first live on November 11th at IKEBUKURO Edge. The tickets will be going on sale on September 15th and can be purchased here.


Introducing: Azlina

Here is another new band to introduce: Azlina! They have been active since 2014, and there is a lot of information revealed already!

Here are the new members and their positions:

Vo. しぐば (Sigva), ex. Septembara
Gt. 優希 (Yuuki) ex. MeLt
Gt. ゆの (Yuno) ex. STRAY CAT.
Ba. 智 (Tomo) ex. リミット-LIMIT- & 2nd Dyz

Their debut live will take place on October 4th called AIRLUMINOUS at ASH OSAKA. Their second live will be on October 31st called VISUAL HALLOWEEN at THE LIVE HOUSE soma organized by Planet CHILD Music with other visual kei bands participating. More information on these lives can be found here.

Plus, the band revealed the spot to their new single, HymelCroyt, that is planned to be released sometime in October. Listen to it below!



Mejibray - 2nd Full Album Release "THE 420 THEATRICAL ROSES" + New Look

The four-man band Mejibray will be releasing their 2nd Full Albun THE "420" THEATRICAL ROSES on December 3, 2014.  The album will have two types: limited and regular edition. The limited edition of the album will include a DVD with the 15 track CD and cost ¥3,500. The regular edition, atlthough it will not have a DVD, will have the 15 track CD plus two bonus tracks - giving a total of 17 tracks and costing ¥3,000.

THE "420" THEATRICAL ROSES Limited Edition  CD (15 Tracks) + DVD
¥3,500 + tax
1) Shiatorikaru buruurakku (シアトリカル・ブルーブラック   )
2) DiefiL
3) Hungry Psychopath
4) Mr. rein wa shinda furi (レインは死んだふり)
6)Maiso Mushi (.埋葬虫)
7) Contagion
8) Echo
9) hatred x tangle red x hunger red
10) Shunkan no Aidiaru (瞬間のアイディアル)
14) Cristate 
15) Tori wa oyogikata wo shirazu obore nakigara (.鳥は泳ぎ方を知らず溺れ亡骸 )

"ECHO" Music Clip

THE "420" THEATRICAL ROSES Standard Edition  CD (17 Tracks)
¥3,000 + tax

2) Shiatorikaru buruurakku (シアトリカル・ブルーブラック   )
3) DiefiL
4) Hungry Psychopath
5) Mr. rein wa shinda furi (レインは死んだふり) 
7)Maiso Mushi
8) Contagion
9) Echo
10) hatred x tangle red x hunger red
11) Shunkan no Aidiaru  (瞬間のアイディアル)  
15) Cristate 
16) Tori wa oyogikata wo shirazu obore nakigara (鳥は泳ぎ方を知らず溺れ亡骸 )

*Purchasing Details To be announced

Together with the release of Mejibray's 2nd Album is their new look! 


D New Look


Monday, September 8, 2014

[Maxi-Single] Lycaon - Akujo no Hohoemi (30.04.2014)

1- Akujo no Hohoemi
2- Dorei to Kubiwa
3- Aa Mujou (Ann Lewis) cover

credits to ma

[album]FoZZtone - Stomp the Earth(2014.09.03)

1. アウトサイダー
2. Stomp the Earth
3. Stairway to you
4. Morning Glory
5. ひとりぼっちのミュージカルスター
6. Return to Earth DEMO 2


METEOROID - Gt. Yutori To Leave

It was recently announced that following the oneman performances on September 17th and September 27th, METEOROID's guitarist, Yutori, will officially resign from the band. The band have issued an official statement and comments from each of the members regarding Yutori’s decision.


Thank you for always supporting METEOROID.
This is a sudden announcement but following the oneman performance Domestic Alien at O-WEST on 9/17 at Tsutaya O-WEST and Machi and Yutori’s birthday performance, Time Flies Like an Arrow at Kichijoji SHUFFLE on 9/27, guitarist Yutori will be leaving METEOROID.  
After discussing it many times between the 5 members, Yutori decided to withdraw because of a directional difference with the respect of the other members. While it is an abrupt announcement, we deeply apologize from our hearts to our fans who consistently supported us and to all of the staff to whom we caused much worry and trouble.
Furthermore, we will be discontinuing the GEMINI PROGRAM, which we implemented last year, following this announcement. While we only have two performances left as these 5 members, we will be very happy to have your support.  
Please continue to support Yutori as an individual and METEOROID from here on out. 
From everyone in METEOROID.

Member Comments:

To all of the fans who have given us support, I am sorry for this sudden announcement. With this kind of news I feel very sorry. I made the decision without consulting anyone except the members. I’m sorry. I know I’ve caused an inconvenience to many people. If it was a decision that could be changed by talking to someone, I would not come to this conclusion from the beginning. After discussing it with the generous members until morning I received their understanding. If I said it very simply, it’s a “directional difference.” There was neither dissatisfaction nor anxiety with the other members. There is only fog in my life.  
It is the same with all of the other members. It is sad that with wanting to do different things our paths will be divided but it is reality.The one thing that I can say is that without change, even in the future, I will always love METEOROID, the members, and everyone. Until September I was active as METEOROID’s Yutori so I think it will be difficult but please give me unchanged love from the path I have taken up until now.
That is my last request.  
I often lie, but on my own stage, even up until now, I didn’t lie once. From now on, as soon as I am able to calm down I will put together my thoughts on my blog. I’ll be very happy if I am able to receive your understanding.

Even after my previous band broke up, without throwing away my dreams and yearning, I thought something would certainly change if I pour into my passion. Feverishly believing so I searched for new compositions and members. And the ones I happened across were these five people. It seemed as if Yutori certainly had the same dream and yearning that I had.  
Those are no longer intersecting... Therefore we will part here.
Everyone, I’m truly sorry! After this, I will no longer be able to walk the same path with Yutori... 
I’m sorry. 

Is this good to say; I still haven’t really put my thoughts together but enjoying being in a band together, enjoying music, that hasn’t changed. 
Even if the path that Yutori takes is different from mine, I still love him.

It became a very sudden announcement and I’m really sorry that you’re being informed this way. 
Talking again and again between the 5 members, we arrived at this conclusion so that we may have a better future together. Yutori also considered us and METEOROID. Even in that, this unbending person has a path he wishes to advance on.
I think he greatly considered, thought, and said it. So, we wanted to respect Yutori’s opinion.  
I love Yutori very much, so I’m very lonely when I think whether or not we can once again be stupid together; the things that we did together up until now will certainly be mutually helpful to the future and are important treasures. We only have two remaining lives together as these 5 people but I want to have the best live, leaving behind regret. I want to send off Yutori with the best live.  
And I want to go to firmly etch it into everyone’s eyes and hearts as well. 

I am sorry to everyone who has always given us support. 
We discussed this over and over again between all of the members once we consulted with Yutori a little while ago. It’s something that Yutori decided so I think that as much as possible we wanted to respect his opinion and discussed it. He also thought of this band before anything else, and we tried to discuss it with mutual assent. We all have lives and things that we want to do. And our solution is to make the best of the things that we did together until now and together do better things. 
So, we will take a different path from Yutori in the future but because it is a solution we thought of for our future and Yutori’s, we hope for your understanding now. There are only two remaining lives with Yutori as a part of METEOROID and this will be the last time that you can see us as these 5 members, so please come see with your own eyes.
Thank you for reading until the end. 


[Maxi-Single] RAVE - acme kyoushikyoku (20.08.2014)

1- acme rhapsody
2- ba---ka
3- natsuhate

credits to ambergris

[Maxi-Single] BASH! - START (30.07.2014)

2- Mirai Resha

credits to ambergris

Sunday, September 7, 2014

[PV] coldrain - You Lie

Ensoku's Minoru "Returns Home"

Ensoku's Minoru "Returns Home"
The word "ensoku" itself means "excursion" and the members speak of the band as "last excursion". Now they've revealed that drummer Minoru has decided to "return home" - which means that he has left the band on September 5th.

Minoru is suffering from pain in his arm for more than two years and this July he decided to finally take a break from band activities in order to recover. It turns out that due to the long period he's already suffering from this tendon rupture the stress for his body and mind became too much. After over thinking it several times he has decided to not return as member of ensoku. According to the comments of the members he was playing the drums for a long time even though he always felt pain during the rehearsals and lives and he came to dislike playing the drums like this, due to all these problems.

Thinking about the band's future Minoru said: "I don't want ensoku to become useless because of me. I want them to become a good band that goes even further and grows even more. I think it would be nice if a good drummer joins them." 
The other members as well have decided to not let ensoku disband. They will continue - as four-member band for now.


New Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas Single Latches Itself to "Parasyte" Anime

New Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas Single Latches Itself to "Parasyte" Anime
Sci-fi horror manga "Parasyte" finally gets its anime incarnation and serving as its opening theme is "LET ME HEAR", the latest song from the band Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas.

The band has announced during their recent live at STUDIO COAST that the song will have a limited edition release on January 7, 2015. Also included in the single are two other new tracks. Retail price will be ¥1,200 plus tax.

Meanwhile, the anime "Kiseiju: Sei no Kakuritsu" (Parasyte: Probability of Survival) will premier this October thus fans doesn't have to wait until next year to listen to Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas' latest opus.


Robin's peace Bk. Reveals Track List and PV Preview for Upcoming Album

Robin's peace Bk. Reveals Track List and PV Preview for Upcoming Album
Not long ago we reported on Robin's peace Bk., the project of rice's Sakurai Yuki and ex-AYABIE's Yumehito. The duo will release its first album "Robin's BANG!" on September 10th and has revealed the track list for it as well as uploaded previews and the full PV.

Type A (3500 Yen)
01.aiai (靄々)
02.shakou (社交) (沖縄) (included in TYPE A)
04.moudoku (猛毒)
05.yakiimo (焼芋)
06.sanha (山派)
07.jounetsu (情熱) (included in TYPE A)
08.himitsu (秘密)
01.himitsu (秘密) (PV)

Type B (2500 Yen)
01.aiai (靄々)
02.shakou (社交)
03.moudoku (猛毒)
04.yakiimo (焼芋)
05.sanha (山派)
06.himitsu (秘密)

And here is the preview! Make sure to check out the full PV for "himitsu" that starts around 7:30!


ONE OK ROCK - Additional Lives Announced

It seems that 2014 will be a busy year for ONE OK ROCK! 

In addition from taking part in their European & South American tour, they will be hosting a two-day live at the Yokohama Stadium, return to the USA to play two shows in Anaheim and San Diego in California, as well as take part in KNOTFEST USA with MAXIMUM THE HORMONE and MAN WITH A MISSION (which we reported previously)!

Below is the information for each event:

ONE OK ROCK "Mighty Long Fall in Yokohama Stadium" 
Date:2014/09/13 - 14
Place: Yokohama Stadium
Time: OPEN 15:30 / START 17:30
Tickets: 6,000 yen + tax

ONE OK ROCK in California 
Date: 2014/10/22
Place: Anaheim, California - House of Blues Anaheim

Date: 2014/10/23
Place: San Diego, California - SOMA

Date: 2014/10/25
Place: San Manuel Amphitheater, 2575 Glen Helen Parkway, San Bernardino, California 92407, U.S.A.
Start: 11:00
For more information, check official homepage of the festival.


AN CAFE - New Single "Mousou Momou Sorosoro" Details

The single will come in three types: Limited Edition A & B and the Regular Edition. The limited editions will come with a CD with 3 songs and DVD featuring a music video and a specific member's documentary on their day off. The regular edition will come with just a CD with 4 songs. The single "Taiyou SUNSUN" MV was the first time the band attempted to make their own MV.

Mousou Momou Sorosoro Limited Edition A - ¥1667

1. モウソウモモウソロソロ / Mousou mo mou sorosoro
2. 太陽SUNSUN / Taiyou SUNSUN
3. モウソウモモウソロソロ / Mousou mo mou sorosoro -Instrumental-

1. モウソウモモウソロソロ / Mousou mo mou sorosoro Music Video
2. Documentary: Member's Day Off ~Miku Version~
3. Documentary: Member's Day Off ~takuya Version~

Mousou Momou Sorosoro Limited Edition B -  ¥1667

1. モウソウモモウソロソロ / Mousou mo mou sorosoro
2. 太陽SUNSUN / Taiyou SUNSUN
3. モウソウモモウソロソロ / Mousou mo mou sorosoro -Instrumental-
1. 太陽SUNSUN / Taiyou SUNSUN Music Video
2. Documentary: Member's Day Off ~Kanon Version~
3. Documentary: Member's Day Off ~Yuuki Version~
4. Documentary: Member's Day Off ~Teruki Version~

Mousou Momou Sorosoro Regular Edition - ¥1111

1. モウソウモモウソロソロ / Mousou mo mou sorosoro
2. 太陽SUNSUN / Taiyou SUNSUN
3. Darling
4. モウソウモモウソロソロ / Mousou mo mou sorosoro -Instrumental-


Saturday, September 6, 2014

[Single] RoNo☆Cro - Pineapple Chaofan (20.08.2014)

1- Pineapple Chaofan
2- Comment (Minami ver.)

[Single]access - Vertical Innocence(2014.07.09)

1. Vertical Innocence
2. Be Nude(S Version)
2. S
3. TRY AGAIN(S Version)
3. JOY TRAIN(Instrumental)


Magistina Saga - 1st MV DVD Release + Spot

They are going to release their 1st MV DVD entitled "MV Best Vol.1" on October 29th! It includes all of the band's music videos and two live videos taken at their 1st one-man live on May 23rd, 2014. The price is 3240 yen.
In addition, a sponsored release party will be held on October 3rd at Shinsaibashi Club ALIVE.

DVD Playlist:
01. Magasasu Michibiki
02. Shadow Game
03. After artifice
04. Double Face
05. Fate Gear
06. Greed
07. Various (Oneman Live Edition)
08. Persona (Oneman Live Edition)

Moreover, a spot to promote the release has been uploaded to youtube:


[Album] Matenrou Opera - AVALON (03.09.2014)

1- journey to AVALON
2- tengoku no tobira
3- tonari ni suwaru taiyou
4- kagayaki wa senkou no you ni
5- 3jikan
6- Stained Glass
7- Jolly Roger ni sakazuki wo
8- cross counter wo nerae
9- kumo no ito
10- tomo ni sasagu requiem
11- Orb
12- tengoku no aru basho

credits to 摩天楼オペラ燿

Friday, September 5, 2014