Tuesday, September 2, 2014

[Album]Aqua Timez - エルフの涙(2014.08.27)

1. アダムの覚悟
2. イヴの結論
3. ヒナユメ
4. エデン
5. オムレット
6. 赤い屋根の見える丘へ
7. 滲み続ける絵画
8. ゴールドメダル
9. hey my men feat.OK.Joe
10. Fly Fish
11. The FANtastic Journey
12. 手紙返信
13. エルフの涙 


[Single]koma'n - 次、渋谷(2014.08.27)

1. 次、渋谷
2. なんて言いましょう?
3. S・K・Y (deep forest ver.)
4. 次、渋谷 (Instrumental)
5. なんて言いましょう? (Instrumental)
6. S・K・Y (deep forest ver.) (Instrumental) 


[Single]V6 - 涙のアトが消える頃(2014.08.27)

1. 涙のアトが消える頃
4. 僕たちの明日
5. 涙のアトが消える頃(Instrumental)
6. BEAT OF LIFE(Instrumental)
7. GOOD LIFE(Instrumental)
8. 僕たちの明日(Instrumental)


[Single]関ジャニ∞ - オモイダマ(2014.07.02)

1. オモイダマ 
2. 純情恋花火
3. まだ見ぬ地図
4. オモイダマ (ブラスバンドver.) 
5. キング オブ 男! (ブラスバンドver.) 


Credits to Minoland

[Album]Nothing's Carved In Stone - Strangers In Heaven(2014.08.06)

1. Intro
2. Shimmer Song
3. Brotherhood
4. ツバメクリムゾン
5. Crying Skull
6. What’s My Satisfaction
7. 雪渓にて
8. Idols
9. (as if it’s)A Warning
10. Midnight Train
11. キマイラの夜
12. 7th Floor 


Lin - Re-Recording Mini-Album + Lin×CELL Coupling CD Release

First of all, they are going to release a new re-recording mini-album entitled "Recollection of Phoenix" on December 21st! 
It will cost 2500 yen, including five older but re-recorded tracks of the band.

1.凛 (Lin)
2.Call Back
4.The Psalms and Lamentations

If you buy it from their web shop, you can get an extra CD with the re-recorded version of "Silent To My Pain".

Moreover, a live-limited Lin×CELL coupling CD entitled "Infinite" will be available at their live on December 26th! It will cost 1500 yen, including two tracks. Lin's song on this CD is called "Nightmarish".


TRIGGAH - New Mini-Album Release

A new mini-album entitled "SACRIFEAR" will be released on October 8th for 2500 yen!
It will include five tracks. Make sure to pre-order it already from CDJapan!
If you are planning to see them live soon, you can buy your copy at their one-man live on September 20th too.

03.an awakeness film


The 3rd Birthday - New Single Release

Visual band The 3rd Birthday has announced to release a new single!
"小生、ダレガタメニナク" (Shousei, Daregatameninaku) will be available on November 26th, including two tracks.
Unfortunately, there aren't more details at the moment.


TesЯoa (formerly known as Rubik) - 1st Mini-Album Release + Samples

The band's first release is going to be a mini-album entitled "A-10"! It will hit the stores on September 2nd, including six tracks. Pre-order it from CDJapan for 1800 yen.

1. Irony
2. maybe-us
3. ライムライト (Limelight)
4. 蛍光 (Keikou)
5. 美籠の御子 (Bi Kago no Miko)
6. 魔生 (Ma-sei)

Samples have already been uploaded to youtube, so check it out!


Shellmy - New Single Release

It is entitled "サブリミナルカルトヰズム" (Subliminal Cultism) and will be released in December 2014.
There aren't more details at the moment, but the band will update their blogs with further information soon.


Serial ⇔NUMBER losing four members

Once again band Serial ⇔NUMBER is losing members and this time there are even four of them leaving.
All together, they will have their last one-man live on October 15th at Ikebukuro EDGE. Afterwards, the guitarists YUI and Natsume, as well as bassist Ryo and drummer Fumiya will officially quit the band.
Moreover, their scheduled release for August has been canceled.
Serial ⇔NUMBER are very sorry to their fans and thank them for their support.


[Mini-Album] G.L.A.M.S - Under the Moon (01.08.2014)

1- The Other Side of the Moon
2- Call My Name
3- 12:00 A.M.
4- Wanderer
5- The Light of My Life

Password: Mikaru
credits to Akiko

CELL New Look


the Raid. New Look


HiZ New Look


ViV New Look


Monday, September 1, 2014

VOW to disband

The band is going to disband after their one-man live on November 8th at Takadanobaba AREA.
Before, they are still going to release a new single entitled "僕だけのセーラ" (Boku Dake no SARAH) on October 1st.
Unfortunately, there don't seem to be more details at the moment. 


MoЯGuE losing two members

Their guitarists Kareha and Umi are going to leave the band after their performance on December 16th due to personal reasons.
This has been decided after several discussions.
Everyone is very sorry for this sudden announcement. The band promises to continue with three members.


Vurst pausing activities

Visual band Vurst has announced that they will be pausing activities after their performance on September 25th at Ikebukuro BLACK HOLE.
Reason for this decision is that the remaining members want to rebuild the band after their bassist has left back in May.
Vurst hope their fans continue to support them until their live in September.


Zillapark - 1st Single Release

Zillapark have finally announced to release their very 1st single!
It's entitled "Wolf blood" and will be sold sometime in November this year.
The price is 1000 yen, including two tracks.

1.Wolf blood


THE RHEDORIC - 1st Full Album Release + Samples

On October 15th, their 1st full album entitled "Jiggy" will be released!
It will cost 2484 yen, including ten tracks.

Samples have been uploaded to youtube already:

Source: VKH

Silver Linings - 1st Mini-Album Release

The band has announced that their 1st mini-album will be released in January 2015!
Unfortunately, there aren't more details at the moment, but the members will update their blogs with more information soon.


Zelktage - New Maxi-Single Details

On October 5th, their 4th maxi-single entitled "SELFISH/約束" (SELFISH/Yakusoku) will be available!
It costs 1620 yen, including three tracks.

2. 約束 (Yakusoku)
3. G.O.D

Moreover, they mentioned that their 5th single will be released at the end of this year, so stay tuned for more details!


Cradle - New Live-limited Single Release

Visual band Cradle have announced that a new live-limited single entitled "カオスオブガール" (Chaos of Girl) will be available at their live on October 5th at Hiroshima Namiki Junction.
The price is 500 yen, including one track only and a booklet with two pages.
Make sure to get your CD as fast as possible, because there are going to be 666 copies only!



DISGUST announced new dates for their upcoming nation wide tour starting September.


Ruki posted an all black image onto his instagram explaining the currently status of their upcoming release, looks like we'll have to "wait just a little more". Ruki has previously uploaded another photo relating this during their demo stage of one of  the songs, maybe we're close to hearing some great official news?

"And we have been concentrating all our effort on our new work, as well. Wait just a little more."

Translated by missverypink

Sunday, August 31, 2014

ex-AYABIE's Yumehito Forms New Band

Ex-AYABIE's Yumehito just announced that he has formed a new band!

It has been 8 months since the departure of Yumehito from AYABIE. After leaving the band he has started two projects: KAKASHI that had several live performances but ceased activities today and Robin's peace Bk. that will release its first CD in September.

Today at KAKASHI's last live Yumehito announced that his new official band has formed. The official name of this band is quite long: "kane no ne ga yoku kikoeru to ame ni naru" (鐘の音がよく聞こえると雨になる) and right now the only information we have is on the band's first live: It's a one man live that will take place at Higashikouenji 20000V on September 23rd. 
Even though there isn't a lot of information online you can already take a look at the band's official website! A countdown ends exactly day of the first live and you will most likely get new information on the band that time. We will keep you updated on this!


Guitarist Mayu Returns to DaizyStripper

It has been revealed at DaizyStripper's tour final at Akasaka BLITZ today that guitarist Mayu will resume activities at the end of the year.

Leader Mayu has stopped band activities to take a break from the music scene for about 8 months. During that time DaizyStripper was active as four-member band but soon they will be complete again! On November 2nd Mayu will return to the stage at the band's live at Nagoya E.L.L..

According to the official statement Mayu decided to take a break to improve and make various new experiences. He's looking forward to resume activities and make progress together with the other members.


D going on hiatus + new album release

Apparently, the band will be going on hiatus sometime this year. The reason for this decision is vocalist ASAGI's temporomandibular joint and muscle disorder. He promises that they will resume activities as soon as possible.

However, there is something great to report too!
On November 12th, a new full album entitled "KINGDOM" will be released!
It will be available in three different types:

Limited Edition Type A
3900 yen, including CD + DVD

Limited Edition Type B
3800 yen, including CD + Booklet

Regular Edition
3000 yen, including CD only


Vallquar to disband

The band has decided to disband after their one-man performance on December 10th at Osaka FANJ twice.
After they have been on hiatus since August 2012, they were planning to make their comeback soon. However, it turned out to be difficult to continue after such a long break, which is why all members agreed on a dissolution.
Everyone is very sorry to their fans and thanks them for their support during four years of activity.


Varyl losing one member

Varyl announced that their guitarist Rion is going to leave the band after their performance on Spetmeber 24th at Ikebukuro EDGE due to personal reasons.
Everyone is very sorry for this sudden announcements. Varyl promises to continue with four members.


Miss Jelly Fish to disband

Miss Jelly Fish have announced that they are going to disband after their performance on September 11th at Ikebukuro Chop.
The band is very sorry to all their fans and thanks them for their support.


MirialD lost their bassist

A few days ago, visual band MirialD has announced that their bassist YAMATO has left the band.
The reason for his departure was his bad physicial condition.
Due to this, the only remaining members vocalist LAER and drummer REGIA held their one-man live on August 28th together with two support members.

Source: VKH

Airish losing two members

Due to musical differences, their guitarist Kiki and drummer Ao are going to leave the band after their performance on September 21st at Shibuya STAR LOUNGE.
This has been decided after several discussions between the members.
For the rest of their scheduled performances, AWAKE's guitarist YUKIO and their drummer Yuki will support them on stage.
Everyone is very sorry for this sudden announcement.


RevleZ losing their drummer

Due to family reasons, their drummer Rui is going to leave the band after their performance on October 1st at Shinsaibashi Fanj Twice.
In his comment, Rui states that he wants to continue band activities, however, his family needs him more than ever, so he has no other choice but to leave.
Everyone is very sorry for this sudden announcement. The four remaining members of RevleZ promise to continue without Rui.


VAMPIRE down one member

Visual band ヴァンパイア (VAMPIRE) have announced that after their performance on October 19th at Ikebukuro Black Hole, Mikado is going to leave the band.
In his comment, the bassist explains that due to him being very busy all the time, he became sick a lot. That was one reason why he decided to resign from the band.
Moreover, Mikado also mentions that he isn't sure yet if he is going to join a new band in the future, so it is possible he retires from musical activities after his last performance in October.
VAMPIRE are very sorry to their fans and hope they continue to support the four remaining members.


September 2014 Release Dates

Here are all the upcoming releases to look forward to in September!

September 2nd, 2014
TesЯoa - A-10 [Album]

September 3rd, 2014
Matenrou Opera - Avalon [Album]
DIAURA - blind message [Album]
Plastic Tree - Mime [Single]
NAINE - New Answer Is New Ending [Album]
SCAPEGOAT - Psycho na Bansan [Album]
SID - SID 10th Anniversary Tour 2013 Complete Box [DVD]
REALies - Hearts / Cinema Syndrome [Album]
LAGNA - Natsu Akane [Album]
ENDLESS - Falling Tears  - Yozora no Tsuki - [Album]
Otoiroha - Nagaraboshi [Single]

September 10th, 2014
lynch. - Tour '14 "To The Gallows" - Absolute Xanadu - 04.23 Shibuya-AX [DVD]

September 17th, 2014
NoGoD - Make A New World [Album]
Kiryu - Kiryu Tandoku Jungyou Senshuraku Niya Renjitsu Koen Sekkaranrin - 2014 Nen Ichi Gatsu Juhachi Nichi, Juku Nichi Zepp Diver City - [DVD]
UNiTE - Ice / Rev [Single]
RoNo☆Cro - Ronokuro-chan [Album]
yazzmad - niche [Album]
Ensoku - Tadashii Sekai no Owarikata [Single]
TweiT - Aesthetic of the suicide [Album]

September 24th, 2014
KAMIJO - Heart [Album]
Onmyo-za - Fujin Kaiko [Album]
Onmyo-za - Raijin Sosei [Album]
girugamesh - Gravitation [Album]
MEJIBRAY - Theatrical Blue Black [Single]
Sadie - GANGSTA [Album]
An Cafe - Mousou Momou Sorosoro [Single]
exist†trace - World Maker [Album]
Awoi - Black Hole [Single]
Royz - 2014 Spring Oneman Tour Final Red Desire "Lilia" - 2014.04.29 Shinkiba Studio Coast - [DVD]
BugLug - Jugemu [Album]
AvelCain - Ayakashi no Hako [Single]
Re:act - Trigger [Album]
MAJOLICA - Masquerade / Misery [Album]
MirialD - Drive [Album]

September 27th, 2014
Corpse Corps - Tomoshibi [Album]

Saturday, August 30, 2014

REALieS New Look


Pierrot New Look


WeZ New Look


Mitht New Look




Lil.y New Look


Blu-BiLLioN New Look


SHEDIA - New Look & News

From Left to Right: bassist YUSUKE, vocalist 錠 , guitarist YUMA, drummer 雅司

There is some exciting news for SHEDIA  fans! The band has recently revealed their new look for their newest works that we previously reported: their 2nd maxi single, The obstructive moon, and their first mini album, The Unsinkable Black Sun. Both went on sale recently on August 27th. 

Secondly, the band plans to release a new single called Quiet Storm on September 24th. The CD will contain two tracks: "Quiet Storm" and "chrome", and will cost ¥1000. There's no other information, but we will update you as soon as we know more!

This tour and single release are part of the band's activities called Second Chapter 2014 that will keep them busy for the remainder of the year.


Scarlet Valse - First Full Album Release

"Returning to the beginning"

After three years of activity, Scarlet Valse has completed an album that can be called a complication of their activities thus far. The album, called [-GENESIS-], is the beginning of a story the band has told over these past three years. All tracks have been re-recorded, re-mixed and re-mastered for the bands first release since joining Starwave Records.

Type A of the album will include Road of the Dream as a bonus track and a DVD featuring the music video for the song Scarlet Eden, while Type B will include WILL as a bonus track and a DVD featuring the music video for the song Larme. To celebrate the release, a free oneman live will be held on September 22nd, pre-sales for the album will also begin at this time. The album will be available in stores on October, 22nd. and the release tour will come to a close with another oneman live on December 3rd.

A free oneman live commemorating the release will be held on September 22, 2014, when pre-sales of the album will also begin, and the release tour will come to a close on December 3, 2014, with another oneman live.

CD TYPE-A Playlist:
01. Prelude
02. Secret Eden
03. The Name of Valse
04. 娼年-Prostitution Actor-
05. CopyCat
06. No.6
07. Rose Cruel Scar
08. Larme
09. Road of the Dream

DVD TYPE-A Playlist:
01. Secret Eden (MV)

CD TYPE-B Playlist:
01. Prelude
02. Secret Eden
03. The Name of Valse
04. 娼年-Prostitution Actor-
05. CopyCat
06. No.6
07. Rose Cruel Scar
08. Larme
09. WILL

DVD TYPE-B Playlist:
01. Larme (MV)


BugLug - New Single "JUGEMU" Details + Live DVD Update

BugLug has release more information about their upcoming single and live DVD! First, JUGEMU will be release on September 24th in 3 types: Limited edition type A, Limited edition type B and Regular edition. Types A and B will both cost ¥1,800 and will include a bonus DVD as well as a 3 track CD; however, Type A's DVD will feature the music video to "JUGEMU", whereas type B's will feature documentary footage on the making of the music video. Regular edition will have a 4-track CD - the bonus song being entitled "four seasons."

Taiyo to Tsuki ga Arukagiri, the upcoming live DVD, will be released in two types (Regular and Limited edition) on December 17th. Limited edition will feature a bonus disc as well as the original DVD featuring footage from the BugLug's concert at Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall on June 8th. This edition will cost ¥6800, but the regular edition DVD, holding only one disc featuring the band's June 8th live, will cost ¥4,000.

Currently, there are no other details available, but we will keep you updated! In the mean time, you can pre-order both editions on CDJapan.

JUGEMU Limited Edition Type A
3. JUGEMU (Let’s Sing ver.)
JUGEMU -Music Clip-

Limited Edition Type B
3. JUGEMU (Let’s Sing ver.)
JUGEMU -メイキングオフショット-

Regular Edition
3. four seasons
4. JUGEMU (Let’s Sing ver.)