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AMARANYX and Project "PSYCHE" Stop All Activities

AMARANYX and Project "PSYCHE" Stop All Activities
AMARANYX and the members' project "PSYCHE" will stop all activities this June.

In December AMARANYX' guitarist Naoto left the band and we actually hoped to bring you better news this year but unfortunately we have sad news again. On January 1st AMARANYX went on hiatus but instead of going separated ways the remaining members decided to play together again and started their project "PSYCHE". Unfortunately this project will last only six months. On June 29th they will perform at Ash OSAKA and cease activities after that live - and AMARANYX will disband the same day. 
There are three more lives where you can see the band live: On June 26th in Tokyo, on June 27th in Nagoya and the last live on June 29th in Osaka.


[Album]THE BACK HORN - 暁のファンファーレ(2014.04.09)

1. 月光
2. ビリーバーズ
3. シェイク
4. バトルイマ
5. ブランクページ
6. 飛行機雲
7. サナギ
8. コワレモノ
9. エンドレスイマジン
10. 幻日
11. タソカゲ
12. シンメトリー
13. ホログラフ


Purple Stone - Vocalist Keiya Halts Activities Due to Illness

Vocalist Keiya of Osaka-based visual kei band Purple Stone has temporarily left the group last month due to an illness.

A statement on the official HP says:

“We sincerely thank you for always supporting Purple Stone. At this time, we have a very important notice. Within the first ten days in March, it was brought to our attention that the bad conditions of vocalist Keiya’s throat had worsened, after receiving a report of his physician’s examination and evaluations. His results list  a virus called ‘left-sided recurrent nerve paralysis.’ After looking over several other patients’ conditions and results,  it was decided that further medical treatment together with rest and follow-up observations are necessary. 
After a meeting between band and staff, it was decided that for the time being, the band will continue its live schedule with members GAK and Fuma performing as a duo, so Keiya can devote himself to his treatment.

To all the fans and everyone involved with the band, we extend our deepest apologies for any trouble this has caused, and for making you worry.

Keiya himself has stated he wants to get better and make his comeback as soon as possible.
We hope you understand, and pray you continue to watch over Keiya as he recovers.

Members of Purple Stone and Staff”

Keiya issued a statement of his own on his official blog, once again apologizing for the inconvenience and going into more detail about his condition and his treatments, saying “I want to overcome this and return to you all as soon as possible, so please wait for me.”

Although he cannot participate in Purple Stone’s current live activities, he is keeping in good spirits by keeping active with fans on Twitter, and posting photos of fan mail and get-well cards received during the live shows.


NICO Touches the Walls to Release New Single in June

NICO Touches the Walls to Release New Single in June
NICO Touches the Walls will be releasing a new single titled 天地ガエシ (Tenchi Gaeshi) on the 11th of June (Wednesday). The cover art for regular edition and limited edition of the singles have also been released to the public.

天地ガエシ (Tenchi Gaeshi) is also used as the ending theme song for the anime "Haikyuu!!".

The details of the release are as of below:

天地ガエシ (Tenchi Gaeshi)
June 11, 2014 release
KSCL2443-24444 ¥1600+tax

1.天地ガエシ (Tenchi Gaeshi)
2.Cover Song (To be announced)
・天地ガエシ (Tenchi Gaeshi) Music Video & Documentary
・カベ ニ ミミ (Kabe ni mimi) Live Photobook
・ハイキュー!! (Haikyuu!!) Anime Cap Decal

KSCL2445 ¥1100+tax

1.天地ガエシ (Tenchi Gaeshi)
2.Cover Song (To be announced)


Arashi to release new single & DVD/Blu-ray

Arashi will release their new single "Dare mo Shiranai" on May 28th.

"Dare no Shiranai" will be used as the theme song for Ohno Satoshi's starring drama 'Shinigami-kun' which will begin its broadcast on TV Asahi starting April 18th. The single will be released in both limited and regular editions. Aside the title and coupling tracks, the limited edition will come with a DVD containing the PV for "Dare mo Shiranai". Meanwhile, the regular edition will come with 2 songs that will not be included in the limited edition.

In addition, Arashi will release a live DVD/Blu-ray titled 'ARASHI Arafes '13 NATIONAL STADIUM 2013' on May 21st. This will feature the group's live from September 22nd of last year at National Olympic Stadium. 

[Dare mo Shiranai]
Limited Edition: 
01. Dare mo Shiranai
02. Untitled A
03. Untitled A (Original Karaoke)
・"Dare mo Shiranai" Video Clip
Regular Edition:
01. Dare mo Shiranai
02. Untitled B
03. Untitled C
04. Dare mo Shiranai (Original Karaoke)
05. Untitled B (Original Karaoke)
06. Untitled C (Original Karaoke)


・Face Down
・Crazy Moon ~Kimi wa Muteki~
・Welcome to our party
・Hello Goodbye
・Subarashiki Sekai
・Love Situation
・Take me faraway
・Tokei Jikake no Umbrella
・Fight Song
・Hip Pop Boogie
・a Day in Our Life
・Lucky Man
・Meikyu Love Song
・Kaze no Mukou e
・DJ×MJ part1 (Step and Go ~Kitto Daijoubu~Love so sweet)
・Yes? No?
・DJ×MJ part2 (Troublemaker~Believe~Up to you)
・Shake it !
・Endless Game
・Summer Splash!
・Oh Yeah!
・Energy Song ~Zekkouchou Chou!!!!~
・Wild at Heart
・Gori Muchuu
・Sakura Sake
・Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi

Source: natalie

[Single]きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ - ファミリーパーティー(2014.04.16)

1. ファミリーパーティー
2. Scanty Skimpy
3. インベーダーインベーダ― -extended mix-
4. ファミリーパーティー -instrumental-
5. Scanty Skimpy -instrumental-

Credit: f7u12

[Mini-Album]ACIDMAN - EVERLIGHT(2014.04.16)

2. ±0 (Second line)
3. I stand free (Acoustic)
4. ±0 (Remastering) 
5. I stand free (Remastering) 

Credit: 缱绻之葵

Wednesday, April 16, 2014



METEOROID - 1st full Album Release and Two lives

METEOROID will be releasing their first full album on August 6th! Currently, there isn't any other information about it, but when we will keep you updated.

Also announced, there will be a special celebration oneman 360° METEOROID!? But it’s just the drummer’s birthday…!. It will be held on June 6th at Ikebukuro RUIDO K3. Tickets are priced at 6,666yen. This show also has a special twist. Since Tomoya is born on June 6th at 6:00 and in room #6, he has set up six gimmicks.

1. The live is limited to 66 people only! (so get your tickets fast!)
2. 360° METEOROID!?
3. With Tomoya supervising, official goods will be given to the 66 attendees
4. There will be a pattern of 6 types of drinks available on June 6th only
5. With Tomoya supervising, 6 major transformations will be carried out.
6. After the performance, all the members will see everyone off!

Another oneman show has been announced and will take place on September 17th at Tsutaya O-WEST. So make sure to keep an eye out for that show!


[Album] Rose Noire - APOCALYPSE -the Resurrection of Notes- (04.12.2013)

1- awareness
2- Mask
3- Maprotiline
4- Perfectionism
5- Dual Evil
6- Alice
7- Desire
8- Royal Slaves
9- Driven
10- Hollyc
11- Dawn
12- Ears
14- FEED

credits to Watoo

[Album] GalapagosS - Run Like Fury (03.07.2013)

1- Shounen wa knife
2- Koukou to rourou to
3- Genjitsu kyousoukyoku
4- Mada nanimono demonai
5- Maware optimist
6- Rengoku rock
7- Kanashimi yo konnichi wa

credits to Mr.L

[Album] AvelCain - AvelCain (02.04.2014)

1- Shokuzai
2- Ayatori
3- ID
4- Gesshoku
5- Ayatsuri Ningyou
6- Usotsuki
7- Hebi to Ubume
9- Senbazuru
 10- Shigeshou
11- Hasami
12-  Otogi Ichiya (Puppet Mammy-cover)

credits to shimi

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Gekijou Tenor Announces Two Albums and One Single

Gekijou Tenor Announces Two Albums and One Single
Gekijou Tenor will release a new single and two new albums this summer.

Fans of Visual Kei band Gekijou Tenor have really an awesome fan-life. Four full albums within one year and each of them costs only 1500 Yen. The band has released its first album "Shall we dance?" in August 2013 and its second album "Pureness" in January 2014. Now Gekijou Tenor has announced to release two more albums that will hit the stores on August 13th:

01.Prologo (SE)
03.R-G- from hell
05.cry cry cry
06.adieu STEADY
08.zenmou cast -ACT3-

01.zenmou cast (piano solo) your side
03.Bus Stop
04.saigo no Dinner
05.mada iyadana
07.zenmou cast -ACT2- (Acoustic)
08.Brand New Way, Broadway (Acoustic)
09.Last Stage

If you haven't decided yet which one you want to buy maybe this information helps you to choose one: "#1" will be an acoustic album, so if you like acoustic songs this one's probably the right album for you.
But there's also an interesting fact on "Purezza": As you can see the album includes a song titled "shirayukihime". This song will be released as single on May 14th. The single itself is titled "shirayukihime" as well and features also a second, currently untitled song. This CD costs 1080 Yen.

Furthermore, Gekijou Tenor will hold a one man tour that starts at Shibuya REX on August 27th and will hold its tour final in the same venue on November 23rd.


[Mini-Album] BIOSPHIA - Fierce (02.04.2014)

2- Sadism
3- Kakusei
4- Hakenkreuz
5- karma 

credits to Garlic

[Single] Satsuki - Lily ~Tsukikage ni Miserarete~ (13.02.2014)

1- Lily ~Tsukikage ni Miserarete~

credits to cero

Sunday, April 13, 2014

PIERROT To Comeback After 8 Years

PIERROT To Comeback After 8 Years
PIERROT member are Kirito, Kohta and Takeo from Angelo, together with Aiji from LM.C and Jun of ALvino. The band had their major debut in 1998 and disbanded on 2006. Now theiy're back with a brand new official site and Twitter, along with several good news for the fans.

As revealed in their site, the band will hold two lives at Saitama Super Arena on October 24th and 25th for their "DICTATORS CIRCUS FINALE". Even if the official statement on the new site asks fans to not think about the band's past but to look forward to the future of PIERROT, has been rumored that the "FINALE" mentioned in this name may mean a definitive disbanding for the band, since they never could make an official live announcement on 2006.

Below you can enjoy their MV for their track "HELLO"
Stay tuned on Jpopasia for further official statements!

PIERROT's fan club Arlequin

October 24th (Fri.) 
OPEN17:30 START18:30

October 25th (Sat.)
OPEN15:00 START17:00


It was announced at カメレオ(Kameleo) one-man live at Shinjuku BLAZE on April 11th that their new maxi single "お化け(Obake)" will be released on July 23rd (3 Types).

Limited Edition Type A (1,800yen) will include CD+DVD (including scenes of their one-man live at Shijuku BLAZE on April 11th), Limited Edition Type B (1,800yen) will include CD+DVD (including "お化け(Obake)" PV & PV making), and Regular Edition (1,000yen)  will include CD only.

1- お化け (Obake)
2- D・S・K
3- 「A×B÷僕(Boku)」(5人Vo.) ( Type B & Regular Ed.)
4- カメトーク (Kame talk) ( Regular Ed.)

Moreover, their live-limited one-coin single (title not yet finalized) will be released at their one-man live at Zepp DiverCity Tokyo on August 17th (1 song, 500yen), which will be composed and written by all members.

Credits: Trombe via MH





Saturday, April 12, 2014

Former Stereopony member AIMI to start her solo activities

Former Stereopony member AIMI (Vo, G) will officially start her solo activities. On June 15th, she will hold an event called 'Twinkle Communication!!' at CHELSEA HOTEL in Tokyo. 
Stereopony disbanded back in December of 2012. Since then, AIMI has been holding live concerts irregularly. On April 10th, she opened up her official website as a first step to the start of her solo activities.

AIMI will keep fans posted on the details on the event, as well as her future schedule.

Source & Image: natalie

flumpool unveil full track list for best-of album

flumpool has unveiled the full track list for the best-of album "The Best 2008-2014: MONUMENT" which will be released on May 21st.

The band's first best-of album will come with 2 discs. Aside the 16 tracks that were already revealed, it will also include "Kimi wo Tsurete" which was chosen as the theme song for Fuji TV's 'Mezamashi Doyoubi', "Belief ~Haru wo Matsu Kimi e" which was the theme song for movie 'Oshin', as well as "Harukaze" and "Ii Janai?" which have been popular songs at their live concerts. 

The album's limited edition will come with a DVD containing the recording documentary and studio live for "Ashita e no Sanka" and a "doll version" of "Over the rain ~Hikari no Hashi~". This "doll version" features Yamamura Ryuta (Vo, G) as a doll.

Additionally, it's been revealed that "Believers High" will be released as a DVD single on the same day as the album. This was used as the opening theme for the anime 'Captain Earth'. 

[The Best 2008-2014: MONUMENT]

01. Hana ni Nare
02. Hoshi ni Negai wo
03. Donna Mirai ni mo Ai wa Aru
04. Harukaze
05. Kimi wo Tsurete
06. Binetsu Refrain
07. Belief ~Haru wo Matsu Kimi e~
08. MW ~Dear Mr. & Ms.Picaresque~
09. 「labo (Re-format)」
10. two of us
11. Tsuyoku Hakanaku
12. Over the rain~Hikari no Hashi~
13. Believers High
14. Kakusei Identity
15. Akashi

01. Ashita e no Sanka
02. reboot ~Akiramenai Shi~
03. Taisetsu na Mono wa Kimi igai ni Miataranakute
04. Kotoshi no Sakura
05. Zanzou
06. Because... I am
07. Touch
08. Answer
09. Ii Janai?
10. Mitsumeteitai
11. Hydrangea
12. Snowy Nights Serenade~Kokoro Made mo Tsunagitai~ (Choral Xmas Ver.)
13. Natsu Dive
14. Kimi ni Todoke
15. Frame

Source & Image: natalie

[Album]水樹奈々- SUPERNAL LIBERTY(2014.04.16)

3. アパッショナート
4. 笑顔の行方
5. アンティークナハトムジーク
6. Fun Fun★People
8. Vitalization -Aufwachen Form-
9. 哀愁トワイライト
10. セツナキャパシティー
11. Ladyspiker
12. Rock you baby!
13. Million Ways=One Destination
14. 僕らの未来
15. 愛の星 -two hearts-

Credit: KLIN

EXEQUTE: New Live-Limited One-Coin Single Release

EXEQUTE will release a live-limited one-coin single titled "記憶 (Kioku)" at their live since Ikebukuro EDGE on June 5th (500yen, limited 100), since which 2nd press of their mini album "BEAUTIFUL RIZE" will be also released.
Credits: Trombe via MH

Vanish: Bassist & Drummer have departed+Indefinitely on Hiatus

After being temporarily on hiatus on January 26th 2014, Vanish Ba.JUN & Dr.Rem (From the left: the first guy and the third guy in the picture) have departed on April 10th, and the band has gone on an indefinite hiatus after then.
Credits: Trombe via MH

蒼-AO-: Disbandment

蒼-AO- will disband after their live at Meguro Rock May Kan on June 3rd as Ba.kazuya & Dr.Ryota have informed their departure decision since December 2013.
Credits: Trombe via MH

Friday, April 11, 2014

[Alexandros] to Release New Single and DVD

[Alexandros] to Release New Single and DVD
[Alexandros], formerly known as [Champagne], will release a new single and a new live DVD on June 18th.

The double-A-side single is titled "Adventure / Droshky!" and costs 1296 Yen. The track list includes four different songs of which the last one, "Untitled", is the live version of their performance at Nippon Budokan on March 28th, 2014.

The second release is titled "[Alexandros] Live at Budokan 2014" and features, just like the title already says, the performance of that live. The Blu-ray costs 6156 Yen and the DVD 5076 Yen. Check out the set list of their Budokan-live on March 28th, 2014:

02.Burger Queen
04.Waitress, Waitress!
05.Year Year Year
08.namida ga koboresou
10.medley instrumental
11.Wanna Get Out
13.Cat 2
14.Kick & Spin
15.Run Away
18.Plus Altra
19.Burger Queen
20.[new song]
21.For Freedom
22.Forever Young
23.Don't Fuck With Yoohei Kawakami

The first disc of this release will feature the live but there will be a second one with interesting content:

Budokan Documentary (40 minutes)
2013.11.15 Zepp Tokyo Live Digest (30 minutes)
- Starrrrrrr
- namida ga koboresou
- Forever Young (SPACE SHOWER TV ver.)
- Stimulator
- Kick & Spin
- Run Away
- Oblivion

This DVD/Blu-ray and the single will be [Alexandros] first releases under this new name. Only two weeks ago the band was forced to change its name.


KAMIJO To Produce New Band "MU" And Their Debut Mini-Album

KAMIJO To Produce New Band "MU" And Their Debut Mini-Album
Their debut album "Discovery of the AVALON" will be released by KAMIJO's record label, Sherow Artist Society. The band's members [AIKA (vocal), DAISHI (guitar), JET (bass guitar), USHI (drum)] were discovered by KAMIJO himself, who has been organizing their debut since last year.

The band has already revealed the full PV for their track "Esperanto". You can enjoy it below while waiting for new details!


WEAVER To Release Best-Of Album "ID"

WEAVER To Release Best-Of Album "ID"
The band's first best of album will be released on June 11th and celebrated with a nationwide tour starting next fall, which dates have not been revealed yet. The limited edition of "ID" will come with a special DVD containing their MVs and a special "ID Tag".

1. 66 Banme no Kisha ni Notte
2. Tokidoki Sekai
3. Hakuchoumu
4. Race
5. Kanseitou
6. Bokura no Eien ~Nando Umarekawatte mo, Te wo Tsunagitai Dake no Ai Dakara~
7. Hard to say I love you ~Iidasenakute~
8. Kimi no Tomodachi
9. Shine
10. Gizensha no Koe
11. Shall we dance
12. Free will
13. Just One Kiss
14. Yume Janai Kono Sekai 
15. Kocchi wo Muite yo
16. Hope ~Hateshinai Tabiji e~ (Unreleased Track)

1. Hakuchoum
2. Race
3. Tokidoki Sekai 
4. 2 Jigen Ginga
5. Hard to say I love you ~Iidasenakute~
6. Bokura no Eien ~Nando Umarekawatte mo, Te wo Tsunagitai Dake no Ai Dakara~
7. Kanseitou (Live ver.)
8. 66 Banme no Kisha ni Notte (Live ver.)
9. Kimi no Tomodachi (Short ver.)
10. "A" "I" wo Atsumete
11. Shine
12. Shall we dance
14. Gizensha no Koe (Short ver.)
15. Egao no Aizu
16. Yume Janai Kono Sekai
+ Other tracks to be revealed


Matenrou Opera Announces 6th New Single at Last Performance as SHIBUYA-AX will Close it's Doors

Matenrou Opera Announces 6th New Single at Last Performance as SHIBUYA-AX will Close it's Doors
It has been announced at Matenrou Opera one-man live tour "journey to HEAVEN" tour final at SHIBUYA- AX on 2014.04.10 that their new maxi single (title not yet finalized) will be released on 2014.07.23 giving no further details. This will be the first release since the bands very successful release of the 5th single titled "ORB" back in 2013.12.4 which we reported.

According to the guitarist Anzi , the single (one-man) performance on the 10th at SHIBUYA-AX was the first for the band since August 30, 2010's last live as indie, also mentioning that SHIBUYA-AX will close on May 31st, 2014 after its' running of 14 years who brought great talent such as Pay Money to my Pain, Glay, BUCK-TICK, NIGHTMARE and so many more to their stage. A very memorable venue for fans who were entertained there and sentimental to the bands who performed.

The management of the venue thanks everyone very much for their support. Matenrou Opera will be recorded in the history of this very famous venue in Tokyo.

Furthermore Anzi exclaims that Matenrou Opera did a great live, a solid record!


Yukimi Departs from UNiTE

Yukimi Departs from UNiTE
Surprising news reached us from UNiTE today: Drummer Yukimi announced to depart from the band.

The drummer will leave already next week. The reason for his sudden departure is health issues. He's suffering from pain in his lower back since last year and it's getting worse whenever he is playing the drums. The doctor told him that when he will continue being active as member of UNiTE and give lives on such a regular basis it's possible that soon his back will be damaged completely so that he will never be able to play the drums again.

Yukimi stated that even if he rests now it's still possible that he won't recover in the near future - or at all. And for him it would be too painful to make people hope for his return when in the end he won't be able to return. He also doesn't want the band to slow down, so he decided that his departure is the only possible solution. Even though leaving the band is really hard for him there's one thing that's even harder as he stated in the official comment:
Just... not being able to play the drums.
This would be more painful than anything else.
But still, there's only one live left, my birthday live.
I will put everything into it and play the drums that day.
I haven't decided what I'm going to do afterwards but as for now I will concentrate on the treatment.

Yukimi will depart after UNiTE's live at Shibuya WWW on April 19th - on his own birthday. He is part of the band for three years now, since its formation in 2011 and already made music together with Haku and Mio in their former band Canzel.


[Album]FLOW - 26 a Go Go!!!(2014.03.26)

1. Introduction -collage- 
2. 愛愛愛に撃たれてバイバイバイ -Album Mix- 
3. 閃光の唄 
4. Marionette 
5. ラブ☆セラ 
6. Smile Smile Smile 
7. 常夏エンドレス -Album Ver.- 
9. Someday 
10. Interlude -departure- 
11. ワンダーラスト 
12. また逢う日まで 
13. PRIDE 
14. Conclusion -pride-


[Single] Lil.y - Caucasus (11.12.2013)

1- Caucasus
2- Ray

credits to REZxSKULL

[Mini-Album] PIECE - Planet Revolves (03.03.2014)

1- "Dawning Gate"
2- Bashotoriotome
3- Chitose Hotaru
4- Sweet Negative
5- White Magic
6- Shutter · ON!

credits to REZxSKULL

[Maxi-Single] vistlip - Period (09.04.2014)

1- Period
2- Locoism
3- aim

credits to me

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

WEAVER to release their first best-of album + hold nationwide tour

WEAVER will release their very first best-of album, titled "ID", on June 11th. To commemorate the album's release, they will hold a nationwide tour this fall.

The best-of album will contain a total of 16 tracks from their debut number "Hakuchoumu" to their unreleased song "Hope ~Hateshinai Tabiji e~". The limited edition will come with a DVD including all PVs released so far, as well as an "ID tag". 

Check out the track list for "ID" below. The tour dates will be revealed at a later date.

01. 66 Banme no Kisha ni Notte
02. Tokidoki Sekai
03. Hakuchoumu
04. Race
05. Kanseitou
06. Bokura no Eien ~Nando Umarekawatte mo, Te wo Tsunagitai Dake no Ai Dakara~
07. Hard to say I love you ~Iidasenakute~
08. Kimi no Tomodachi
09. Shine
10. Gizensha no Koe
11. Shall we dance
12. Free will
13. Just One Kiss
14. Yume Janai Kono Sekai 
15. Kocchi wo Muite yo
16. Hope ~Hateshinai Tabiji e~ (Unreleased Track)

01. Hakuchoum
02. Race
03. Tokidoki Sekai 
04. 2 Jigen Ginga
05. Hard to say I love you ~Iidasenakute~
06. Bokura no Eien ~Nando Umarekawatte mo, Te wo Tsunagitai Dake no Ai Dakara~
07. Kanseitou (Live ver.)
08. 66 Banme no Kisha ni Notte (Live ver.)
09. Kimi no Tomodachi (Short ver.)
10. "A" "I" wo Atsumete
11. Shine
12. Shall we dance
14. Gizensha no Koe (Short ver.)
15. Egao no Aizu
16. Yume Janai Kono Sekai
Source: natalie

[Single]SEKAI NO OWARI - 炎と森のカーニバル( 2014.04.09)

1. 炎と森のカーニバル
2. ピエロ
3. Holy Forest -remixed by melodysheep from U.S.A.-


[Album] Anli Pollicino - ELECTRIC ROMANCE (26.03.2014)

1- Angel Heart
2- Obsession
3- LOVE☆Magical
4- Lips to Lips
5- Shirayuki
7- Secret Romance
9- Where is love?
10- Colors

credits to Smiley

[Album] lynch. - GALLOWS (09.04.2014)

10- MAD
12- RING

credits to Seimeisen

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

[PV]Mizuki Nana - Appasionato

Loka - European Tour 2014

Loka are back with another European tour. The dates has just been announced by Râmen Events. The band will be touring Europe in the summer this year. All the dates has been announced, the ticket sale will start soon.
June 20 : Bar Live 301 - Roubaix (FR)
June 21 : Citrons Masqués - Yverdon-les-Bains (CH)
June 26 : Café International - Besançon (FR)
June 27 : Cologne TBC (DE)
June 28 : Musicon - Den Haag (NL)
July 04 : Rock Box - Luxembourg (LU)
July 05-06 : Japan Expo - Paris (FR)
July 10 : Garage Deluxe - Munich (DE)
July 11 : REPPLUGED - Vienna (AU)
July 12 : Storm Club - Prague (CZ)
July 13 : Klub Progresja - Warsaw (PL)

Monday, April 7, 2014

Crazy★shampoo: Disbandment

It was announced at Crazy★shampoo conceptual one-man live "DANCE" at Ikebukuro BLACK HOLE on April 5th that they will disband after their conceptual one-man live "testament" at Shibuya La.mama on May 18th.
Credits: Trombe via MH

[Maxi-Single] Jin-Machine - Bye Bye (12.02.2014)

 1- Bye Bye
2- Arigatou Kinniku
3-  un cottonman "A"

credits to nostalgia.

[Album]TЁЯRA - ЁVOLUTIФN(07/09/2011) [reuploaded]


1. 华烂漫 -Flowers-
2. Fantasia
3. 镜花水月楼 (TЁЯRA Version)
5. masquerade
7. 桃花恋情
8. Parasite World
9. 零 – ZERO -
10. LETHEBOLG ~双神威に斩り咲けり~
12. DoLL ~Ballad Side~

1. 序曲
2. 华烂漫 -Flowers-
3. THIS NIGHT (Short Version)
4. Fantasia
7. REMINISCENCE//003 -destiny-
8. DoLL
9. CROSSROAD ~Right Story~
11. Parasite World
12. 零 – ZERO -
13. 桃花恋情
14. SUNKiSSハートDROP ~jun Side~
15. REMINISCENCE//002 -life-
16. LETHEBOLG ~双神威に斩り咲けり~
17. masquerade


Japanese Visual Kei Band Kra to Release a New Mini Album "Satahinato" and LIVE DVD

Japanese Visual Kei Band Kra to Release a New Mini Album "Satahinato" and LIVE DVD
A new mini-album from visual kei band Kra titled "Satahinato" has been announced and it will include six tracks total with two editions; regular for a cost of 2,600yen(2,808yen Tax incl. in Japan)US$ 25.02 and limited w/DVD priced at 3,000yen (3,240yen Tax incl. in Japan)US$ 28.87 which will be released on 2014.04.23 and is available for pre-order now here.
CD track list:
01.boukoku no aria
02.kuuchuu blanco
04.hohoemi no souressha
05.usotsuki (included in regular edition)
DVD-Music Clip "Hohoemi no Souretsusha" off shot 1.
A LIVE DVD "Joker of Despair from 『zero』@2013.12.21 Nakano ZERO HALL" will also be released on 2014.04.23 (7,020yen), which will include scenes of the one-man live performed on 2013.12.24. Furthermore this summer Kra will be celebrating their 13th Anniversary!
Kra - Hohoemi no souretsu-sha (PV PREVIEW)