Saturday, February 21, 2015

Elm - New Mini-Album Release

Elm's first release of 2015 has been announced!
It's going to be a new mini-album entitled R18指定な生まれつきサイコパスで異常なサディズムを抱えた僕と、逆再生で流れるネグレクトのトラウマと、ドグラマグラな彼女のシリアルキラー・パンデミック (R18 shitei na umaretsuki psychopath de ijou na sadism o kakaeta boku to, gyaku saisei de nagareru neglect no trauma to, doguramagurana kanojo no serial killer pandemic) which will hit the stores on March 4th.
A copy of the album with the rather long title costs 2300 yen. You can already pre-order it from CDJapan.

2.精神科医ノ「歪」ンダ性癖 (seishinkai no 「yuga」 nda seiheki)
3.メアリーの禁じられた遊び (mary no kinjirareta asobi)
4.Rental Family Chainsaw
5.Vendettaに花束を (Vendetta ni hanataba wo)
6.血に染まるハライソ (chi ni somaru paraiso)

And for those who are curious about the new songs, here is a short spot with samples of  all six tracks:


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