Saturday, February 21, 2015

GACKT - New Single Announced

GACKT has announced some good news! According to his website, he will be releasing his 46th single in early July this year. The title and track-listing is currently unknown but there will be special premium merchandise to celebrate the release.

As he did for his last single, GACKT will be releasing once again his bed-sheets for the body pillows. This time, there will be two versions: "BLACK-GACKT" and "WHITE-GACKT".  Each one will cost 12500 yen (+ tax) and shipping of 700 yen. Reservations for the items will start on February 20, with the time announced on that day on his website.

Below are the samples of the bed-sheets:

So far, this is all the information that has been released about the single. We will keep you updated once we know more.


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