Friday, February 13, 2015


LEZARD will release their new single "Hanasaka Jinsei (ハナサカジンセイ)" on April 15, 2014! Although details regarding the single are scarce at the moment, the band's official website has stated that it will be available in two editions: Jijiichan Ban (爺ちゃん盤), which will include a two-track CD plus a DVD featuring the music video for the title track and its making-of, while the second edition, "Papa Ban (パパ盤)" will include a CD containing three tracks. 

Hanasaka Jinsei (ハナサカジンセイ) Jijiichan Ban (爺ちゃん盤) Edition:
1. Title TBA
2. Title TBA

1. Hanasaka Jinsei - Music Video 
2. Hanasaka Jinsei - Making-of
  Hanasaka Jinsei (ハナサカジンセイ) Papa Ban (パパ盤) Edition:[CD]
1. Title TBA
2. Title TBA
3. Title TBA

The single is currently unlisted on CDJapan and HMV, but it should become available soon.

Source:Midnight XII

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