Sunday, February 15, 2015

LIPHLICH - First Acoustic Album Announced

LIPHLICH have announced a new album, but this time it will be rather unique: All of the songs will be acoustic! The album is titled 萬の夜に鳴くしゃれこうべ (Yorozu no Yoru ni Naku Sharekoube) and will be released on March 25th for ¥3,000. It will be the first time the band has ever attempted creating a completely acoustic album. You can check out the details below:

萬の夜に鳴くしゃれこうべ (Yorozu no Yoru ni Naku Sharekoube) (¥3,000)
1) 飽聴のデリカテッセン (Houchou no Delikatessen)
2) 淫火 (Midarabi)
3) My Name Was
4) 雨模様 (Amamoyou)
5) ヘンピッグ (Henpiggu)
6) 浮世のはぐれ蝶 (Ukiyo no Hagure Chou)
7) 夜間避行 (Yakan Higyou)
8) 夢見る星屑 (Yumemiru Hoshikuzu)
9) It's a good day to anger
11) イーカロス (Icarus)
12) マラカイト (Malachite)


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