Saturday, February 7, 2015

liraizo to Release Three Singles in 2015

liraizo to Release Three Singles in 2015
Visual Kei band liraizo will release its first three official singles this year.

This has already been announced at the band's first live in November but now finally more details on liraizo's first three official singles have been revealed. The first one titled "flse ranayosa" (フルセラナヨサ) drops on March 11th and costs 1944 Yen. And this is the track list:

01. flse ranayosa (フルセラナヨサ)
02. mushi (無視)
flse ranayosa PV

No wonder if you're confused by the title but there is an easy explanation on the reason for this strange words: "flse ranayosa" can also be written as "furuse ranayosa" and if you read the syllables backwards it turns into "sayonara serufu" = "sayonara self".

The other two singles will be released in May and July but more details aren't available yet.

Still, we have one more information for you: liraizo has announced its first one man live that will be held at Takadanobaba AREA on May 23rd.


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