Friday, February 6, 2015

Royz Announces Asia Tour 2015

Royz Announces Asia Tour 2015
Asian Royz fans probably belong to those non-Japanese-Visual Kei-fans that are able to see their favorite band the most often. Also this spring they have the chance to go on another live since Royz is heading over to other Asian countries again.

In April Royz will go on its 4th Asian One Man tour. The dates and places have already been revealed:

April 11th: Seoul, Korea
April 12th: Seoul, Korea
April 17th: Beijing 
April 19th: Shanghai
April 21th: Shenzhen
April 24th: Hong Kong

For more details on the venues check out this site and for tickets on the performances in Korea this site! Ticket details will be announced at a later date.

Last year Royz and Kiryu had to cancel their performances in Shenzhen due to not getting the permission for giving a live, still, they performed in Taiwan and Hong Kong last November and also last Halloween Royz stood on stage together with Mejibray and Nightmare in Shanghai. Let's hope this time they will get permission for performing in Shenzhen!


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