Saturday, February 14, 2015

Unite. New Single + New Look

UNiTE´s upcoming 7th single "Marble" to help us choose whether or not to buy it, The new single is available for pre-order in three types and will be out in stores on March 18. In addition, the band will be celebrating its fourth anniversary "smile makes everyone happy" on the same day of the single release.

01. マーブル//Marble
02. ステアーズ ステアーズ//Stairs stairs
03. マーブル//Marble off vocal
04. ステアーズ ステアーズ//Stairs stairs off vocal
01. マーブル//Marble Music video
02. マーブル//Marble Music video making
01. マーブル//Marble
01. マーブル//Marble
02. 汚染//Osen
04. 汚染//Osen Off vocal
05. WONDER f∞l PEOPLE Off vocal

Source:NoMusicNoReason & edohsama blog

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