Wednesday, February 25, 2015

ViV - 1st Mini-Album "LOVE SICKS"

From a surprise announcement at their recent one-man, ViV announced that they will be releasing their first mini album called LOVE SICKS. The album is set the be released on April 15.

It has not been decided how many tracks there will be in the release, but so far, the song "LOVE SICK" will be the work's leading track. However, according to guitarist Wataru, the album will have some new and some familiar songs they played in past lives. Also, the mini-album will have some sad lyrics in the tracks.

The release will come in 2 types: Limited and Regular Edition. The limited edition will come with a CD and DVD containing the PV of the lead track and the regular edition will come with just a CD.

LOVE SICKS Limited Edition

LOVE SICKS Regular Edition

Source: VKH

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