Friday, March 13, 2015

LEZARD - New Single "Hanasaka jinsei" Details

LEZARD will be releasing a new singled titled "Hanasaka jinsei"on April 15th in two editions. The jijiichanban version (1944 yen) will include CD+DVD featuring the PV & Making off shot of  "Hanasaka jinsei" while the papaban (1296 yen) version will be CD only.
 jijiichanban Ver.
1. Hanasaka Jinsei (ハナサカジンセイ) 
"Hanasaka jinsei" (PV & Making off shot)
papaban Ver.
1. Hanasaka Jinsei (ハナサカジンセイ) 
2. SOS
3. Daikansha (大感謝)

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