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Lycaon Band Members Comments

Vocal Yuuki
I have been working as a member of this awesome band called "Lycaon" for almost 7 years, as Yuuki, as one artist, but
After the Akasaka Blitz tour final on 11/6, Lycaon will disband.
We have been discussing for so many times, we exchanged words of our future from now so many times, but thats our conclusion.
The gratitude to everyone who have been liking us, the magnificence of our encounter, the miracle, a lot of memories, who gave me all of this are you and us [the band itself].
Certainly face the reality of a disbandment make you have a lot of feelings like anger and sadness.
Its the same to me.
But now i feel like my heart was washed.
Its our last tour but in the final i want to blur brightly.
I want to give a spectacular end to the Lycaon who gave us a lot of encounters and memories.
I want to let it die surrounded by a lot of voices.
I want you to let it die.
I wanna be bitten to the death.
I wannt to bite to the the death.
I wanna become one with you. 
Now i have a lot of feelings like this.
I never thought a day like this would come.
It was really funny. I was happy.
Thank you.
Gt. Zero
S u c h   a  s a d  w o r d  i s n ' t  it ?
T h e 【traces】 o f  t h e  w a y  t h at  w e  h a v e  b e e n
w a l k i n g  u n t i l  n o w  w i l l  a l l  d i s a p p e a r
s o 
W a s  i  a b l e  t o  b e c o m e  a  p i e c e 
o f  e v e r y o n e ' s  h e a r t ?
~Reason of disbandment~
I t  w o u l d  b e  g o o d  i f  w e  c o u l d  s a y
"Its that, its it" 
B u t ...
I f  i  s t a r t  t o  s a y 
C e r t a i n l y  t h e r e ' s  a  l o t  of 
r e a s o n s
【Disagreement about our music】
T h e r e ' s  n o  t h i n g s  l i k e  t h i s  a t  a l l
【Suddenly or Inevitable】
N o w  w e  s t i l l  h a v e  a  s c h e d u l e  l i k e  u s u a l,
n o t h i n g  c h a n g e d ...
I ' m  s o r r y 
 f o r  s u r p r i s i n g  a l l  o f  y o u
I  n e v e r  l o v e d  a  b a n d  l i k e  t h i s
I t  w o n t  c h a n g e  e v e n  n o w
N o w , i t ' s  n o t  a  g o o d  b y e  y e t 
N o w , i  c a n t  t e l l  y o u  a l l  m y  t h o u g h t s  h e r e 
S o ,
I n  t h e  m o m e n t  w h e n  w e  w i l l  g e t  k i l l e d
A l l  m y  m e m o r i e s, 
I  w a n t  t o ..
【Tell you】
【Laugh a lot】
【Cry a lot 】
U n t i l  t h e  e n d
I  c o u n t  o n  y o u
【In the end, let's cry more than we ever cried since we was born】
Gt. Satoshi
I just can't tell my feelings in sentences.
I'm the guitarrist who loves Lycaon.
Let me tell you all my feelings by sound.
I'm Japanese Rock'n'Roller !!
~ Satoshi ~
Ba. Hiyuu 
Lycaon will cease the activities after the tour final concert in Akasaka Blitz on 11/06.
I have joined Lycaon in the middle of it, and in these 5 years i could keep walking thanks to the collaboration of a lot of fans and staffs.
I thank you from my heart.
Encountering these members, experiencing a lot of things, encountering a lot of people i`m really grateful to everything what happened.
So i think someday we'll be able to see this decision called disbandment as something positie... And follow to different paths.
I'm really sorry that was announced like this.
But the result of disbandment came from each member thought.
In the end its something we decided with "all members", so i want you to accept it.
It may be impossible to do right now but...
Until the very last day, like in the meaning of MASOCHIST RED, i want to make the world that just Lycaon can make with everyone, so i gonna devote myself with all
my power in each remnant concert.
Let's the a landscape that we weren't able to see together.
Thank you for always give me a happy time.

Dr. Ichiro
I'm sorry for such an abrupt announcement.
I should right it in a respectfully way, but i thought i wouldn't be able to express my feelings, so i gonna write like this.
I don't know what to say.
Before i joined the band in the middle, i was a human that never went to a tour.
But since've started as a support member in Lycaon i was able to go to a lot of places and experience many things, it was really fun.
Keeping like this i wanted to enchant Lycaon in more and more big places.
It became my dream.
We have discussed with the members a lot of times.
How we could make awesome concerts?
How could we take awesome pictures?
How could we make our fans have fun?
If i count my time as a suppot, i have been a member fo 4 years.
Being everyday with the members made me able to go through the same path with them.
The answer gave by these members now was "disband".
We have been worrying until the very last moment.
I think there's people who thinks its not the right and can't agree.
We won't ever meet again.
It's not like this.
It was good to be able to meet everyone who have been supporting me on these 4 years.
Thank you very much.
These are my honest feelings.
I'll do it with all my power until the end.
I hope everyone do it with complete devotion too.
Thank you.
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