Friday, March 27, 2015

MIYAVI Reveals Details on "The Others"

MIYAVI Reveals Details on "The Others"
We've already reported on MIYAVI's new album "The Others" that will drop on April 15th. Today we can give you details on the track list!
The Limited Edition comes with a DVD that features 14 songs (73 min) which were played at his live in L.A. on February 18th:
・What's My Name?
・Chase It
・Let Go
・Guard You
・Cry Like This
・Futuristic Love
・Day 1
・Selfish Love
・What A Wonderful World
The CD that is the same for the Limited Edition (4860 Yen) and Regular Edition (3240 Yen) and includes 11 songs:
02.Into The Red
03.Come Alive
04.Alien Girl
05.Let Go(2015 ver.)
07.All The Way
08.Unite(feat. Rob Harvey)
09.The Others
11.Shangri-La (denki groove (電気グルーヴ) cover)


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