Monday, March 23, 2015

reirei - New Single + Live DVD Release

The band is going to release a new live DVD entitled 名古屋V系"色モ ノ"バンド同盟-PRESENTS Lil.y FINAL STAGE Lil.y&麗麗ツーマンライブ「世界中に花束を」" (Nagoya V-kei "Iromono" Band Domei - Presents Lil.y Final Stage Lil.y & reirei Two-man Live "Sekai Juni Hanataba o") on April 8th. It includes the full two-man performance of Lil.y and reirei of January 19th at Nagoya CLUB QUATTRO which has also been Lil.y's last live before they disbanded.
You can pre-order it for 4000 yen from CDJapan!

Moreover, they are going to release a new single entitled うたかた百鬼夜行 (Utakata Hyakki Yako) on May 20th!
Two different types are available:

Limited Edition
2000 yen, including CD (2 tracks) + DVD (うたかた百鬼夜行 (Utakata Hyakki Yako) PV)

Regular Edition
1500 yen, including CD (3 tracks) only


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