Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Shounenki Announces 5th Single

Shounenki just announced the release of a new single titled "ココロモンスター"/"Kokoro monster" to be released on May 27.

This is their fifth single and will be available in three different editions all with the same price (926 yen + Tax): a limited edition containing a CD with the main track and its instrumental and a DVD with the music video for the already mentioned song; two regular editions, types A and B, will contain CD only including the title song and a different b-side for each edition.

01. ココロモンスター (Kokoro monster)
02. ココロモンスター (Kokoro monster)

ココロモンスター (Kokoro monster) Music video

01. ココロモンスター (Kokoro monster)
02. ライカランナ (Like a Runner)

01. ココロモンスター (Kokoro monster)
02. 窃盗 (Settou)


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