Friday, March 6, 2015

SID Announces Live DVD

SID has announced the release of a new live DVD, set to release on March 18. This DVD will be titled SID Tour 2014 OUTSIDER, and will cover their tour final at Kobe prefecture, where they mainly played songs from their latest album, Outsider, released on March of last year. The DVD will include 2 CDs.

[CD 1]
01. laser
02. Candy
03. V.I.P.
04. Alibi
05. Celebrity
06. Music
07. Meiro
08. hug
09. akai te
10. darling
12. Summer Lover
13. one way

[CD 2]
01. sora no binsen, sora hen otegami
02. Koi ni Ochite
03. Dear Tokyo
04. junkan
05. Propose
06. memai


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