Tuesday, March 10, 2015

the GazettE new Album and 2015 Tour

The GazettE has announced today at their 13th Anniversary live the release of a new album called "DOGMA" the 08/2015.
Plus the dates of their tour "DOGMATIC" that will start after the release of the album.

Here a close up to the dates

Plus at the end of today's the live, the band played a short movie, to the delight of fans, announcing their upcoming project: THE BEGINNING OF OMINOUS YEAR.

This project will have 6 "movements", 3 of which were announced at the concert.
The first movement is a new album titled DOGMA to be released in August of this year. No further details have been given as yet.
The second movement is a 2015 live tour entitled DOGMATIC -UN-. The tour kicks off on the 5th of September with a Heresy only live. The tour will consist of 22 lives across Japan ending on the 30th of October. Tickets go on sale the 4th of July and will cost ¥6,800.
The fourth movement is a second tour DOGMATIC -DUE-, spanning 2015-2016. Beginning on the 1st of December and ending on the 24th of January, the tour will consist of 20 lives across Japan. Tickets go on sale the 21st of October and will cost ¥6,800.
Finally, a mystery project called PROJECT: DARKAGE will begin tomorrow the 11th of March at 19:00 (Japan Time Zone - UTC+09:00). No other details have been given except to check the GazettE's OHP at that time. 

Credits to Venomous Cell FB & VKH

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