Tuesday, March 3, 2015

UNiTE. to Release New Single "Marble"

UNiTE. to Release New Single "Marble"
Some time ago Visual Kei band UNiTE. announced the release of a new single titled "marble" (マーブル). Today we want to talk about the details of that release.

marble will drop on March 18th and comes in three different types for which the track lists can be found below:

Limited Edition Type S (2160 Yen)
01. marble (マーブル)
02. stairs stairs (ステアーズ ステアーズ)
03. marble (マーブル) (off vocal)
04. stairs stairs (ステアーズ ステアーズ) (off vocal)
marble PV & Making

Limited "light-size" Edition (500 Yen)
01. marble (マーブル)

Regular Edition (1728 Yen)
01. marble (マーブル)
02. osen (汚染)
04. osen (汚染) (off vocal)
05. WONDER f∞l PEOPLE (off vocal)

For European fans there's even more good news: German label GAN-SHIN just confirmed to JPA that the Limited Edition Type S and Regular Edition will be available for download in Europe the same day the CD goes on sale in Japan. Keep an eye on the label's facebook site for more information!

Moreover, also fans in Japan have something else to look forward to that day: UNiTE. will hold its live "smile makes everyone happy" at Nakano SUN PLAZA that day and you can get tickets - for only 4 Yen! And then, two weeks later, on March 29th the band will celebrate its 4th anniversary at Akasaka BLITZ.
Will you celebrate together with them?


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