Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Zin Announces 1st Mini-Album

ジン (Zin) has announced the release a their first mini-album "上弦の匣"/"Jougen no Hako" to be released on April 22.

It will contain a six tracks total, including re-recorded versions of their first two singles "憐想レイン (Rensou Rain)" and "恋愛ジストロフィー (Renai Dystrophy)". All the songs are listenable in the video digest provided above.

1.参 (Shin) (SE)
2.憐想レイン (Rensou Rain)
3.カゴノトリ (Kago no Tori)
4.深愛ナル君へ (Shinai Naru Kimi e)
5.恋愛ジストロフィー (Renai Dystrophy)
6.線香花火乙女歌 (Senkou Hanabi Otome Uta)
7.雨の月 (Ame no Tsuki)


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