Tuesday, April 28, 2015

BORN - New Mini-Album "Alternative Tarantula"

BORN announced recently that they will be releasing a new mini-album this summer. The mini-album is titled Alternative Tarantula (オルタナティヴ・タランチュラ) and is set to be released on July 22.

The album will come in 3 types. Limited Edition types A and B will come with a CD with 5 songs and a DVD with different content each. They both will cost 3000 yen. The regular edition will come with just a CD with 7 songs. It will cost 2700 yen.

So far, this is all the information they have about the release. We will keep you updated once we know more!

In addition, BORN also released the dates for their summer tour, also by the same name, beginning a few days after the release.


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