Friday, April 3, 2015

Diz - First Full Album "Dearly" Announced

Four member band Diz has recently announced their first full album! Dearly will hit the shelves on June 2nd. You can purchase the album for ¥2,000.

Dearly (¥2,000 - tax incl.)
1) Dearly
2) Diz
3) プルメリア (Plumeria)
5) Resonance
6) 終わらない歌 (Owaranai Uta)
7) Love&Peace
8) 魅惑のMEW (Miwaku no MEW)
9) 世界の終わり~Epilogue~ (Sekai no Owari ~Epilogue~)
10) Tears
11) 君がくれたもの (Kimi ga Kureta Mono)
12) 星に願う夜 (Hoshi ni Negau Yoru)

*Purchase at CDJapan


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