Monday, April 20, 2015

Grieva: 2nd Mini-Album Details Revealed

We are just a week away from the release of Grieva's three simultaneous singles, on April 29. But we are here to inform about their second mini-album "妄想主義者ノ背徳。(Mousou Shugisha no Haitoku)", which release date is July 1. All the details have been revealed now. It will contain seven tracks total, which tracklist is available below:

01.Type[艶](SE) (Type [Tsuya])
02.自己精神殺害推進會 (Jiko Seishin Satsugai Suishinkai)
03.妄想主義者ノ背徳 (Mousou Shugisha no Haitoku)
04.Art play
05.夢デ逢ウ貴女ガ削除デキマセン。(Yume de au Kijo ga Sakujo Dekimasen)
06.密室104号室~暗イ部屋二僕ト君~ (Misshitsu 104-Goushitsu~Kurai Heya ni Boku to Kimi~)


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