Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Xaa Xaa - 2nd Mini-Album "Doshaburi no Kanojo"

After reelasing their debut mini-album back in March, Xaa Xaa is back with their 2nd mini-album! This time, the mini-album is called Doshaburi no Kanojo (どしゃ降りの彼女) and it will hit stores on June 1.

The mini-album will just have one CD with 5 songs. It will cost 1500 yen. Below is the tracklisting:

Doshaburi no Kanojo
01.どしゃ降りの彼女 (Doshaburi no Kanojo)
02.花占い (Hanauranai)
03.君の心臓を食べてしまいたい (Kimi no Shinzou wo Tabeteshimaitai)
04.夕焼け (Yuuyake)
05.ワタシ=エトセトラ (Watashi=et cetera)


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