Tuesday, May 19, 2015

@LOID - 1st Mini-Album "YELL"

@LOID was introduced near the end of 2014 and they are the first band to be on Starwave Records newest label, NICO☆JAM. Their debut single, Bre@k out!, was released in November. Now, they are set to release their first mini-album!

Their mini-album is called YELL. Pre-sales started on May 9 at live venues, but it will be on sale in stores on June 24. The mini-album will contain elements such as laughter, tears, and rapping and will also include a skit! There will be just a CD with 6 songs and it will cost 2500 yen. But, there will only be 500 copies available so be fast!

For those who have a NicoNico Douga account, you can hear the song "YELL" here.

01. Fre@ks out (SE)
02. Sora
03. 体温
04. 腹筋バージン
05. 流星☆Bre@ve!!!
06. YELL


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