Saturday, June 13, 2015

[Album]KAMIJO - 20th Anniversary All Time Best ~Kakumei no Keifu~ (10.06.2015)

01.Symphony of The Vampire 第七楽章「Throne」 (KAMIJO)
02.Louis ~艶血のラヴィアンローズ~ (KAMIJO)
03.MASQUERADE (Versailles)
04.God Palace -Method of Inheritance- (Versailles)
05.DESTINY -The Lovers- (Versailles)
06.PRINCE (Versailles)
07.Aristocrat's Symphony (Versailles)
08.The Love from a Dead Orchestra (Versailles)
09.あの人の愛した人なら (LAREINE)
10.冬東京 (LAREINE)
11.Billet ~幼き夏の便箋~ (LAREINE)
12.fiançailles (LAREINE)
13.運命 (KAMIJO)

Credits to nihon ongaku

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