Tuesday, June 9, 2015

ex-ViViD's Shin Makes Comeback with New Band

ex-ViViD's Shin Makes Comeback with New Band
After the disbanding of Visual Kei ViViD the members went their own ways. Now vocalist Shin announced that his new band will perform in August.

The name of this band is "WHITE JUDAS" and so far only one live date has been revealed: He will perform at "V-NATION" in Tokyo on August 5th. There are no song previews yet but you can already follow his new band on his Twitter. Shin himself doesn't reveal a lot but tweeted: "I'm a person who loves singing. That's all I can say for now. But... I'm really looking forward to meet you all on August 5th."

But not only Shin has his own project going on. Also ViViD's drummer KO-KI has formed a special band named "ViX". It consists of REALIVE's Kazuki, DaizyStripper's Nao, ex-v[NEU]'s Hixro and of course KO-KI. Furthermore, he has established his own company "Jace".

Guitarist RENO is still active as well and signed under PS Company. He has held a one man live at Shibuya REX on June 4th. Furthermore, he has recorded new songs for which previews are available on his website and some full versions are available as well.

And if you're still interested in ViViD, the band will release its last live that has been held on April 29th on DVD. It will drop on August 26th.



  1. Do you know why they will disband? I think a shame this happens because I really liked them.

    1. I don't really know why they disband. They just kinda decide to make a change by not being ViViD anymore and living their own lives. It is a shame but there music will live on forever and they still are active individually


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