Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Introducing: The Benjamin

The Benjamin is a four-piece band, three of which had ome from the band Hanashounen Baddies. The Benjamin began in November of 2014, but held their live debut on February 8th of this year. Later that month they released their first mini-album Bobbin. The band had only three members until May 30th when drummer Fuuji (support drummer to ADAPTER) officially joined the band.

On July 22nd The Benjamin will be releasing their first single BAISER in two types: Limited edition Type A and limited edition type B.

BAISER (Limited Edition / Type A) (¥1,500)

BAISER (Limited Edition / Type B) (¥1,500)

Vo. & Gt. Minemura Akinori
Vo. & Gt. Usui Takuma
Vo. & Ba. Tsubuku Masatoshi
Ds. Fuuji

Source:VKH & OHP

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