Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Moran to Disband after Final Live this September

Moran to Disband after Final Live this September
On September 21st, Moran will hold a live in Zepp DiverCity Tokyo called "Yoakemae, Saigo no yoru ni eien wo himotoku houteishiki wo yumemu". It shall also be their last together.

The visual kei band has announced today (June 9th) that they will be disbanding after their September live. In the note posted at their OHP, Moran had disclosed that the members had been experiencing conflict since last year. Last August, it was reported that drummer Soan would be leaving and that the band would be going on hiatus afterwards. Discord among the members seemed to have persisted thus after numerous discussions, Moran had decided that "the most beautiful way to put closure is to dissolve the band".

Each member also left a personal note thanking staff and fans for the support while also reflecting on their time spent as a member of Moran. Vocalist Hitomi, in particular, compared the experience to a dream.

In addition to the final live in September, Moran will also leave their fans the gift of their last single. "Yoake wo mae ni" will be out July 1st containing 4 tracks. A release one man premium will be held 2 days later at Ikebukuro EDGE.

Yoake wo mae ni
¥1,500(tax out)
1. Koufuku ni tsuite no shakudo (Lyric:Hitomi Music:Soan)
2.*Title undecided (Lyric:Hitomi Music:Sizna)
3. Yoake wo mae ni (Lyric:Hitomi Music:Soan)
4. the scent of dreams (Music:Moran)

It is not known yet how Moran's recent announcement would impact their planned 22-stop summer tour. "Itoshiki sono chi ni eien wo himotoku houteishiki wo umu" kicks off July 5th at Shin-Yokohama New Side Beach. It will also be in celebration of bassist Ivy's birthday.


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