Saturday, June 27, 2015

New Vocalist Joins Zonbi

New Vocalist Joins Zonbi
The past weeks have been difficult for Visual Kei band Zonbi since the band's vocalist has departed on June 13th. But the members have already revealed that a new member will join them very soon.

Zonbi's vocal atom has held his last live as member of the band on June 13th at Ikebukuro EDGE. Right now we don't know who the band's new vocal will be but they're calling him "kansensha no K-san" which means "infected K-san". He will join Zonbi officially at their live "グッバイ。" (goodbye.) at Ikebukuro EDGE on August 1st. The same day a live-limited single will be released which includes a re-recorded version of one of their songs.

If you wonder what happened to atom: He won't leave the music scene! atom has changed is name to "ライト" (raito) and has already found a new band: REALIVE which is a new band produced by ex-ViViD's KO-KI.


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