Sunday, June 28, 2015

Plastic Tree - New Single "Rakka"

Plastic Tree will be releasing their 37th single this September! It is called Rakka (落花) and it will be on sale September 2. The single will come in 4 types.

Limited Edition types A and B will come with 1 CD and 1 DVD each. They will cost 2000 yen. Limited Edition type C will also come with a DVD and a CD but will cost 1800 yen. The regular edition will come with just the CD, and it will cost 1200 yen.

The cover artwork will be of the work of Gekidan Inu Curry. Types A and B's DVD will contain footage from the band's special male-only live held at Shibuya Guilty on May 23.  Type C's DVD will have the single's MV on it. All will come with a slipcase.

So far, these are all the details that have been revealed. We will keep you updated once we know more. You can already pre-order the single at CDJapan:


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