Tuesday, July 7, 2015

DuelJewel will Disband

DuelJewel will Disband
DuelJewel announced to disband in the beginning of next year.

It has been 18 years that the band started its activities. Now, on July 7th, they've announced to disband after their live on February 23rd, 2016 at Zepp Tokyo.

What makes a band decide to disband after so many years of activity? For DuelJewel the reason is Hayato's illness. In 2011 the vocalist decided to take a break from band acitvities in order to undergo treatment for his throat. But even though he came back the disease never really got healed. In the official statement the band pointed out that under these circumstances it's difficult for them to continue activities.

On July 22nd DuelJewel will release a new mini album titled "Duel" and another one titled "Jewel" at a later date - and the same day in July the band's last one man tour will start.


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