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Aqua Timez to Celebrate 10th Anniversary with Two Special Album Releases

Aqua Timez to Celebrate 10th Anniversary with Two Special Album Releases
Alternative Japanese rock band Aqua Timez will treat fans by releasing two best-of albums this August 25 which also marks their 10th year anniversary in the industry.

Known for their hit singles featured in anime series like BLEACH and Japanese dramas like Gokusen, the group's two upcoming compilation albums will consist of 15 songs that are divided into two categories, "red" and "blue". Thus, releasing them with titles, "10th Anniversary Best『RED』" and "10th Anniversary Best『BLUE』". Along with the twin albums' regular and limited editions, additional "team AQUA" editions with special DVDs just like that of the limited editions will also be made available. The full track lists, details, and jacket covers for both are all provided below.

Meanwhile, Aqua Timez is set to have a new single before the albums' release. "Saigo Made II" will be available on August 5th. The band seems so up to their neck with all these releases as they are also about to wrap up their ongoing Nippon Budokan nationwide tour by August 16th. A week after that, the band's official artist book is going to fill up stores.

Check out the details of Aqua Timez's albums.

[10th Anniversary Best『RED』]

Regular Edition

Limited Edition

team AQUA Edition

Track List:

01. Toushindai no Love Song
02. Ketsui no Asa ni
03. Shiori
04. Chiisana Tenohira
05. Niji
06. Natsu no Kakera
07. Plumeria~Hana Uta~
08. Ehagaki no Haru
09. Tsubomi
10. Hina Yume
11. Ikite
12. Sakura Michi
13. Negao
14. because you are you
15. Gold Medal

Limited Edition DVD

<Studio Live "Red Jam">
01. Sakura Michi
02. Niji
03. Ikite
04. Negao

team AQUA Edition CD

01. Yume Fuusen
02. Yasashii Kioku~evalastingII~
03. Honto wa Ne
04. Aki ni Naru no ni
05. Kanade Ai
06. Kaori
07. Perfect World -blue forest ver.-
08. Sora ni Chikai Machi
09. Pocket no Naka no Uchuu
10. Kaze ni Fukarete
11. Cranberry Jam
12. The FANtastic Journey
13. Toushindai no Love Song(Independent Production from 2004)

team AQUA Edition DVD

<「Toushindai no Love Song」Music Video 2015>
01. TYPE A
02. TYPE B
03. TYPE C
04. TYPE D
05. TYPE E
06. TYPE F

Regular Edition

Limited Edition

team AQUA Edition

Track List:

01. Sen no Yoru wo Koete
03. Velonica
06. Mayonaka no Orchestra
07. MASK
08. Eden
09. Tegami Henshin
10. Sing Along
11. Saigo Made II
12. Noumu Nochi
13. Memento Mori
15. Eve no Ketsuron

Limited Edition DVD

<Studio Live "Blue Jam">
01. Sen no Yoru wo Koete
02. MASK
03. Carpe Diem
04. Sing Along

team AQUA Edition CD

01. Ayumi 
02. Samishiki Warera
03. Akatsuki
04. No Live, No Life
05. on the run
06. Nagasukita Yoru ni
07. Ryuusei no Uta
08. Tsuki no Curtain
09. Full a Gain
10. Sora ni Tsuzuku Michi
11. 1980
12. Heikou Sekai
13. Yoru no Hate(Independent Production from 2004)
14. Tegami Henshin(demo version)

team AQUA Edition DVD

<Aqua Timez 2005-2015 Kuradashi Eizou>
01. 2014.12.31 The FANtastic COUNTDOWN 2014-2015 / Ebisu The Garden Hall 「hey my men feat.OK.Joe」「Ayumi」「Ikite」MC and others
02. 2005.11.26 HEAVEN'S ROCK SHINTOSHIN「Yoru no Hate」
03. 2006.08.24 SUMMER LIVE TOUR 06 / Zepp Tokyo「Samishiki Warera」「Hitorigoto」
04. 2015.02.08 Iwaki Sunshine Marathon / Fukushima-ken Iwaki-shi


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