Saturday, August 1, 2015


Kiyoharu (清春) has some big plans laid out for late 2015 early 2016! The accomplished musician is scheduled to release his 9th solo album this year in October (about three years after the release of his 8th solo album, "UNDER THE SUN"). Exact details, like tracklist, editions and the official release date (on his birthday, Oct 30, perhaps?) are all unknown at the moment, but we can expect that information to be released very soon.

Furthermore, Kiyoharu has a nice, lengthy tour that'll straddle this year and the next. Check the dates below to see what show best suits your schedule.

"Kiyoharu TOUR Tenshi no Uta 2015 "21" (清春 TOUR 天使の詩 2015「21」)
December 23, 2015 (Wed) Kanagawa Prefecture Yokohama Bay Hall December 31, 2015 (Thu) Osaka Namba Hatch 
January 10, 2016 (Sun) Miyagi Prefecture Rensa 
January 11, 2016 (Mon) Miyagi Prefecture darwin 
January 16, 2016 (Sat) Kyoto KYOTO MUSE 
January 17, 2016 (Sun) Kyoto KYOTO MUSE 
January 23, 2016 (Sat) Hiroshima CLUB QUATTRO 
January 30, 2016 (Sat) Saitama HEAVEN'S ROCK VJ-3 
February 6, 2016 (Sat) Shizuoka Prefecture LiveHouse Hamamatsu 
February 7, 2016 (Sun) Gifu Prefecture club-G 
February 09, 2016 (Tue) Aichi Prefecture DIAMOND HALL 
February 13, 2016 (Sat) Chiba Prefecture KASHIWA PALOOZA 
February 14, 2016 (Sun) Chiba Prefecture KASHIWA PALOOZA 
February 19, 2016 (Fri) Tochigi HEAVEN'S ROCK Utsunomiya VJ-2 February 20, 2016 (Sat) Saitama HEAVEN'S ROCK Kumagaya VJ-1
February 26, 2016 (Fri) Ibaraki prefecture LIGHT HOUSE 
February 27, 2016 (Sat) Ibaraki Prefecture LIGHT HOUSE 
March 5, 2016 (Sat) Ishikawa Prefecture Kanazawa EIGHT HALL 
March 11, 2016 (Fri) Tokyo Shibuya CLUB QUATTRO [Fan Club members only concert] 
March 13, 2016 (Sun) Gunma Prefecture Takasaki club FLEEZ 
March 18, 2016 (Fri) Ehime Prefecture Matsuyama Salon Kitty 
March 20, 2016 (Sun) Fukuoka DRUM LOGOS

Source:Midnight XII

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