Thursday, September 24, 2015

Moran Announces Last Live DVD, MV DVD and Two Best Albums

Moran Announces Last Live DVD, MV DVD and Two Best Albums
Moran announced the release of two new DVDs as well as two best albums.

It has been a sad day for fans of Visual Kei band Moran. Yesterday, September 21st, the band held its last live at Zepp DiverCity in Tokyo before putting an end to its band activities. 
They have announced now that this live shall be released on DVD. The title of the DVD will be "2015.09.21 Zepp DiverCity Moran Last Oneman Live yoakemae saigo no yoru ni eien wo himotoku houteishiki wo yumemu" (夜明け前、最後の夜に永遠を紐解く方程式を夢む). 
Furthermore, there will be a DVD featuring PVs that will be titled "Moran MV BEST". Also the PV shooting for the band's song "yoake wo mae ni" (夜明けを前に) will be featured on the DVD.

Even though Moran has disbanded fans will be able to listen to three new songs. Two of them which are titled "rub" and "manicure" (マニキュア) will be included on the best album "Moran All Time BEST 2008-2012". And the last new song is still untitled but we know that drummer Soan has composed it. It will be featured on the 2nd new best album "Moran All Time BEST 2012-2015".

All these releases will drop in winter, exact release dates haven't been revealed yet.

Moreover, vocalist Hitomi will release a 168-paged book for 2980 Yen. It's only available for ordering via ongakusen from September 24th to December 10th.

Moran formed in December 2007 and was active for almost 8 years. About one year ago they announced to go on hiatus due to the departure of drummer Soan in 2015. Fans waited almost one year until the band revealed new information regarding this matter. But the information wasn't good: Moran would disband. With Soan's departure vocalist Hitomi would've been the only member being in the band since its formation but after many member changes and even the death of one member they decided to put an end to the band activities.


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