Saturday, October 10, 2015

Ex-AMARANYX-Members Form New Band "IGGY"

Ex-AMARANYX-Members Form New Band "IGGY"
Two members of disbanded Visual Kei band AMARANYX announced to start a new band.

In December 2013 guitarist Naoto left AMARANYX and the band went on hiatus - and never came back from it. In June 2014 AMARANYX as well as the members new project PSYCHE stopped all activities. We haven't heard a lot from the members since then but now both guitarists, Naoto and Masahito, are back. Naoto is now called JOE and Masahito is called Lyuca and together with three other musicians they've formed a new band named "IGGY". This is the line-up:

Vocal: Souma (創真)
Guitar: JOE (ex-AMARANYX)
Guitar: Lyuca (リュカ) (ex.-JoKER-, YGGDRASIL, AMARANYX, PSYCHE)
Bass: Allen (アレン) (ex.-JoKER-, starless, Cross hearT (as Hayato))
Drums: Loa

On November 20th IGGY will hold its first live at Ikebukuro BLACK HOLE and the first release will be a EP titled "REVOLUTION" that will drop on November 18th. The CD will include the following songs:

02.Alive to Pain
03.mandala (曼陀羅)
04.kochou no yume (胡蝶の夢)


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