Saturday, October 10, 2015

GUILD Takes a Break from Band Activities

GUILD Takes a Break from Band Activities
isual Kei band GUILD has announced to go on hiatus at the end of the year.

Just earlier today we reported on GUILD releasing a new live DVD. Unfortunately there was another announcement that appeared on the band's website just a few hours ago:

To all fans,
Thank you for always supporting GUILD.
Due to differences among the members regarding the direction the band should take, the members and staff discussed the situation and came to the conclusion that GUILD will take a break from all band activities as of the end of the year.
The already announced lives until the end of the year will be held as scheduled but the schedule for the new year is completely undecided. 
We're very sorry for this sudden announcement and ask for your understanding.

Euclid Agency

Guitarist Yoshihiro asks everyone to "give them some time to breath" since they are "about to choke". Also Ryuichi explains that since middle school all he ever wanted to do is to sing but since he was always rushing to make this dream come true he feels a bit tired now.

GUILD is active for six years now and the last live before going on hiatus will be held at Umeda AKASO on December 3rd.


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